Reality TV Led Her to a Thriving Coaching Business

Mary Legakis Engel, The Management Coach, is a CoachVille Certified Coach who is thriving in the world as a professional coach. She is now building a coaching ecosystem and bringing coaches onto her team. We LOVE that.

Mary’s BIG coaching dream is for every manager to love their work and for every employee to love their manager.

Mary shares the backstory of how she got into coaching. She was a successful management consultant gaining a lot of valuable experience with the everyday lives and experiences of managers and leaders. In her personal life she was in a “dark night of the soul” type of experience as the result of a relationship break up. She knew she was on the verge of a major personal transformation but didn’t know what to do about it. While watching a Reality TV show she discovered the concept called “Life Coaching”. She hired 2 coaches and her adventure began!

She shares about how she hired Coach Lise Janelle, a CoachVille Certified Coach, and experienced major breakthroughs through the Inner Freedom Method.

She made a strategic decision to attend Coach Training at CoachVille because she wanted to bring powerful Life Coaching tools to the coaching she wanted to do with managers in the corporate world. By combining her in depth experiences from Management Consulting with her own path of personal transformation through having a coach and the coaching abilities and methods she learned at CoachVille she creates truly unique value for her clients!

Mary shares that her biggest breakthrough in becoming a coach was learning how to listen for deeper truths through judgement free awareness. She was already good at hearing and listening for content, but she had to learn how to listen from a deeper presence to bring out the magic of life-changing conversations.

She shares a few powerful stories from her coaching experiences. In one example she shares about how a CEO was stuck at the same revenue total year after year. With Mary using the Inner Freedom Method he went deep into his emotional experience of life to release his need for control so that he could truly lead his team. As a result he became a focused collaborator and his team hit new revenue targets.

Mary authentically shares about her experiences in building her coaching business step by step over a 6 year period. Her story will be an inspiration to anyone building a business from scratch. The clarity that you need to thrive in the world and build a team requires persistence and a willingness to release inner resistance!

She laughs and lovingly refers to CoachVille and the programs of Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck as “The Golden Pond” of coaching.

You can learn more about Mary here: The Management Coach

You can learn more about Coach Lise Janelle: DrLiseJanelle

You can learn more about the Inner Freedom Method. {Next class starts January 10th 2017

We are very pleased to announce the Mary will be teaching the Inner Freedom Method program in the 8PM ET time slot starting January 10th 2017!