Play Life - 7 - Reveal Super YOU

Could your fear be a Superpower in disguise?

“Your fears are a treasure map to your Superpowers.”
– Coach Dave Buck

It is important to understand why your Superpowers have shadows. Human beings are wired for belonging — belonging is essential to survival.

When you were small, any threat to your belonging felt really scary. You played all the time expressing your unique energies. That expression in raw form may have often gotten you in trouble with the big people in your life. You would have experienced this as a threat to your survival.

Bit by bit — mostly non-consciously — you pushed your uniqueness into shadows behind fears to the point where you forgot about it. Your dream is the catalyst to recover the Super YOU that you were born to be.

“Play Safe” Body Belief: “It is not safe for me to reveal my true Self.”

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