Play Life - 16 - Practice Conversations

What conversations should we role play today?

“The ultimate reward of practice is not winning; it is the experience of playing well.”
– Coach Manny Schellscheidt

Practicing is doing something many times in many different situations so that when a “big impact” moment arrives, you are prepared to do something awesome! To practice anything you need a safe space where you can experiment, where there are no consequences for failure.

It may sound strange to practice playing life. Every day while playing life you will talk to people, and the stakes can be high when you have the opportunity to influence someone important to you. You can practice conversations by doing role plays so when the real conversation happens you feel confident to express yourself fully. Use your imagination to create a safe space with trusted partners, and practice every aspect of how you play life.

“Play Safe” Body Belief: “It is not safe for me to experiment.”

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