Play Life is a Coaching Method where you play BIG for your dreams. Your dream can include business, leadership, career, personal growth, health really anything that you can play better.
This is the Prep Audio for Session 03 – Play For Results.
In this audio Coach Dave explains how we play life by relating, creating, exploring and experimenting. The spirit of play is a human birthright. We were born to play with others but we were trained to work on tasks in isolation. Coach Dave explains that coaching is playing together to play better and how a Life Coach will help you play better by role playing conversations.

I describe the ways we play life with four keywords: Relate, Create, Explore and Experiment.

Relate for Influence

Relate means talking to other people! This is pretty much what we do all the time in life. It becomes playful where there is an opportunity for positive influence like when you are asking someone to do something with you and they might say “yes”, but they might say “no”.

Create and Share

Creating is when you make a thing or you design an experience that you aim to share with others; for examples: writing, recording, designing, planning. The sharing part is all about participation and contribution. This is very much in line with the “Life is Art” concept.

Explore to See and Be Seen

Exploring is when you go into a new territory; we are stepping into the unknown (hopefully with a sense of wonder) It can be a physical place, a social media platform or even a new idea. We explore to see and experience new people and new places; and also to BE SEEN by new people.

Experiment to Try New Ways

Experimenting is any time you do something that you have not done before OR you do something that you have done in a new way. Often when we experiment we have an idea or a hope of what will happen but we don’t actually know. A key to success is to start with an intention, be open to new possibilities AND keep track of what happens; and most important is to not look at any outcome as a failure but as learning.

Hopefully you are getting energized about playing your life!

BUT, all of us who grew up in the Industrial Age have to realize that we have absorbed A LOT of fears of our own playfulness. So next let’s look a little deeper into the common fears that are associated with play.

You probably recognize all of these fears. As I often share: we all absorbed the FEAR of our natural playfulness in the Industrial Culture. I can tell you that little children do not fear of any of these things.

If you aim to play business or any aspect of life at a high level you need to embrace and transcend these fears. IMPORTANT: it is almost impossible to transcend social fear by playing alone. But together we can do it!

Relate for Influence = Fear of Rejection

To play business you need to cultivate a high level of ease with approaching people and talking with them about your signature topic; your performance possibility gap. And then you need to invite them to a next step. This is where the fear of rejection comes in. BIG TIME.

Create and Share = Fear of Disappointment

As a coach you will be creating and sharing content in a variety of forms on a regular basis. Also every time you have an opportunity to speak in front of people you are creating and sharing an experience. And if you get into facilitating group experiences that REALLY puts you into create and share mode.

The fear that we might disappoint someone or BE disappointed by someone’s reaction to what we create can be a BIG block to creating and sharing.

Explore to See and Be Seen = Fear of Trouble

In order to find customers, partners and people to participate in what we are creating we need to “get out there” either physically or virtually. This is what exploring is all about. When we explore we don’t know what we are going to find or experience and sometimes TROUBLE happens! We end up in uncomfortable situations or attract the attention of someone we don’t want to engage with. The human market place is an amazing but potentially “dangerous” place; at least at an emotional level.

The potential for trouble in the unknown is why most people stay where they are and spend their time with the same people. However, it is almost impossible to grow your coaching business this way.

Experiment to Try New Ways = Fear of Mistakes

Do you resonate with this one? I sure do. This is a big remnant of the Industrial Age mindset that everything you need to do: a) there is a right way to do it b) you should be able to do it the right way every time and never make mistakes.

Of course this is nonsense! But the residue of this mindset from school and jobs keeps us locked into a perfection trap.

This makes it sooo hard to experiment and find our unique way to do everything our dream needs us to do.

Play Life Method Class

Imagine YOU are the coach that guides someone out of the Industrial Mindset… through all of the fears that we absorbed in the Industrial Culture and into a life of playing BIG for their dreams!!

You can be that coach!

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