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Episode 001 – Imagine the Experiences

A powerful exercise to Energize Your Dream (1 of 9)

Imagine your year playing out in a wonderful way.

Then write out the details of the experiences as you imagine them.

Go beyond Industrial Age mindset of only thinking about accumulating things.


Wed, 12/23 2:49PM • 9:03


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David Buck


Hello to you. Coach Dave Buck here with you. This is the Champion of Dreams podcast. The podcast for coaches. powered up by CoachVille, where we are the champion of your dreams to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players making the world a better place. All over the world; Team play for transformation.


This is episode number one. It’s December the 23rd 2020.


And in this episode, I am going to share with you the first of nine ways that you can energize your dream, that’ll be our first nine episodes. Super excited to share these with you. So this is number one. Now these exercises are exercises to activate your imagination. And they are visualization exercises, but also writing exercises. And then if you really want to amp up the power of the exercise, get together with a friend, share this with one of your friends, let them do the exercise and then get together and talk about it. Co-create with someone that’s the big way to really energize your dream.


All right, so let’s talk about exercise number one, this is all about imagining the experiences you are planning to have in the upcoming timeframe. Let’s just say we’re talking about a year. It’s near the end of the year, we’re most of us are very glad that this year is ending. So I want you to think about the next year. And the exercise is to imagine this year playing out in the best possible way. Just imagine it being awesome. And then imagine the experiences that you will have and really get into the details of those experiences.


Now this is a big deal. In that what we want to do here is go beyond the Industrial Age mindset, which was very much about the accumulation of things or the end of things like the end of a project. So the Industrial Age way would be to say, Oh, my dream for next year is to have 10 paying clients or 10 clients that I just love that are paying me what I consider to be, you know, my high fee. So you would think about the 10 clients. That’s the accumulation. That’s the industrial age way. Now, we can’t get rid of our industrial age minds, they’re in us. But we can go beyond the industrial age mind. So if you think oh, one of my big things my big dreams for for next year is to have 10 really good paying clients / paying players that I that I love.


Alright, so now what you do is you go beyond the accumulation to the experience. So for example, you can imagine yourself on a Monday morning, you know, getting ready for your week of play, and you open up your computer, however you do it and you look at your calendar and you see 10 awesome players on your schedule for the week. And just really get into that moment of seeing that calendar, seeing your 10 players being excited about your week of coaching that’s coming up. So that’s one thing, you can then take it even a step further. You can imagine being in the coaching sessions, wherever you do them if you do them, you know in an office or if you like I like to do I like to walk and talk. So I do a lot of my coaching while I’m walking. So I just imagine I’m walking, having a great coaching session, just really imagine yourself in the experience.


Then you could go even a step further, you can imagine receiving a “Thanks, Coach”, note from your players. Or just imagine getting an email or a text or something from one of your players about how they loved the session, they got so much out of it. This is what they’re gonna do. Or, you know, you can imagine your player sharing a big win, you know, something that they created in the world and they’re grateful to you. This is the highlight, right, the highlight moment of being a coach. So take some time and imagine these kinds of experiences.


Now, you can also imagine the money side of things, but instead of saying, Oh my big dream is to accumulate x revenue next year. That’s a good place to start. That’s the accumulation industrial mind. But now get into the experience. Imagine yourself you know, opening up your online banking and looking at your account balance and going, whoa, those numbers are good. I love these numbers just really feel the joy of looking at your numbers and knowing Wow, I’m creating value, I’m receiving value, I have created my financial and personal freedom by generating revenue, creating value in the world, it’s like, you just really get into the moment of seeing the numbers and feeling what that  means to you. Okay. You can also, you know, imagine looking at your bookkeeping, and you know, if you do it that way, I use QuickBooks Online. I love going into QuickBooks Online and just looking at the numbers and saying, Yeah, okay, this is going well, this is awesome. This is fun, right?


So you want to really get into as many of these moments as you can. I did this the other day, it was really, really fun. I set a timer for 15 minutes, I thought, All right, let me just write out as many of these experiences as I can imagine, I thought 15 minutes would be enough. But it took me closer to 25-30 minutes, because I just got really into it. And I you know, I hope you will do the same.


Okay, so, set aside some time, get in your comfy place, your comfy chair by a window, wherever your comfy place is, to really let your imagination get going get playing for you. And take take some time to imagine, like I said, the experiences, you know some other examples, maybe you want to see yourself giving talks, you can imagine you’re on the zoom screen. And there you are, and you see all the faces on the zoom and you’re excited to share with them some big idea. Or you can imagine sharing a big idea on Facebook Live. Or you can imagine writing, okay, this is a big one. A lot of people want to write, but they get kind of stuck writing, but what you can do is just imagine yourself, wherever you’re writing places, you know, maybe you’ve got your office or you’re at a cafe, just really picture the scene. And just really imagine yourself in the flow. Right? When you’re writing, you’re always in a co creative space. With the super mind you’re not alone, you are flowing ideas from within you from your experiences, but also from the super mind from, from intelligence coming through you. So just imagine you’re really getting into the flow of sharing some awesome idea with your tribe.

And this is this is the idea to really just picture these experiences, and play out your year in your imagination, by just highlighting those pivotal moments that you’re really enjoying. The key is to see it and feel it. That’s really the key to activating your imagination and getting your getting your vibration high for what you’re aiming to create with your life.

All right. So that’s the big idea. I encourage you to share this, like I said, with a friend or with your players as well, they might love to do it. And if you can take the time to talk this through, share about your experiences that you see with someone that will amplify the value even more.

All right, super fun sharing this with you have an awesome day. I’ll be back with you tomorrow. You can find the transcript of this episode as well as lots of other awesome things for coaches and players on our website. CoachVille. Until the next time remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why there’s coaches!