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Imagine that you have a Dream Team co-creating your dream in the world!

Episode 007 – Imagine Your Dream Team

A powerful exercise to Energize Your Dream (7 of 9)

Your Dream is worthy of LOTS of support because you are FOR the Human Family.

Everyone who shares your dream is on your team.

You are a coach… You are a co-creator… bring that energy to your dream.

You have to transcend the Industrial Age Mindset… Do Your own work.

Who is on your team: coach, players, support team, tribe, vendors, friends & family

The exercise:

Imagine your current team…

Write down all the ways they can co-create your dream with you!

Then imagine the team of the future as your dream grows

Write down everything that you see. 

Have fun!



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David Buck


00:00 Imagine Your Dream Team

You can energize your dream by imagining Your Dream Team. This is the champion of dreams podcast. Let’s play.



Hello to you coach Dave, here with you. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches, powered by where we are the champions of your dreams to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players, making the world a better place all over the world. team play for transformation. This is episode number seven for December 29 2020.



And today, we continue our adventure through nine ways to energize your dream by imagining Your Dream Team.


01:11 I am enthusiastic about the world we can co-create

Alright, but before we get into that, first I just want to say wow, that exercise yesterday really got me pumped up. so enthusiastic about what we can do together as life coaches championing the dreams of the human family, I am so sure we can make the world a much better place for everyone by doing this.


01:39 Remember Your Impact in the World

Anyway, today, we’re going to talk about this dream team exercise and it is strategically placed here after the session we did yesterday. Because doing that big impact exercise, really seeing and feeling how your dream can impact the world in a really significant way… seeing that and feeling that makes it easier for you then to imagine that your dream is worthy of a team. And it’s it’s so important because we are coaches Our lives are based on co creating. So that’s what we’re going to get into today. All right, so there’s a couple of big points here.


02:27 The Industrial Age Mindset – Do your own work

When you think about having a team for your dream, this will put you right in the face of one of the most deadly elements of the industrial age mindset. So you really have to be ready for this. And I’m sure you know what this is all about. This is called: do your own work. If you help your neighbor, you’re a cheater, if you ask for help, you are a cheater. I know I heard this so many times in school, and this one really got into me. So this one is personal for me for sure. And you may have experienced the same thing where we just got these messages over and over again that you really are supposed to do it by yourself, you’re not supposed to get help ask for help or offer help. It was so strange, because as humans, we are naturally co creators. But we were just put into this environment that emphasized working in isolation. Now, of course, there always be some activities that you do alone. But as a general principle, the better way is to look for ways to co create.


03:46 Who is on your Dream Team

Alright, so that brings us to the big question, what the heck is a dream team? Well, my mantra is, anyone who shares your dream is on your team, okay? Your team can be really, really big. Your dream is for the world. So you don’t need to own it. But you can fully enjoy and energize you’re part of it. So imagine all the potential people that could be a part of your dream team,

  • your coach, that’s a good one,
  • your players past and present,
  • your tribe, all of the folks who are following and enjoying what you have to share
  • your co creators you can have colleagues and other folks that you know you talk about ideas with and give each other feedback,
  • your support team. You can have folks that are part of your team actively part of your team doing different parts of your business, or what you whatever your dream entails that are not your favorite things to do. There’s other folks who love doing those things. They can be On your support team,
  • you can have vendors who, you know participating, co creating, what you’re creating who supply things are tools that you use these folks, you can imagine that they are on your dream team.
  • And then of course, there’s your friends and family who are aligned with what you’re doing.



So, first step here is just to really imagine that your dream is so important in the world, that there are a lot of folks who will want to play a big part in that dream coming true. Okay, then you start to imagine all different ways that folks in this group can forward your dream with you, they can co create it with you. So I’m just going to share with you a few ideas to spark your imagination.


05:53 Ways Your Dream Team Can Support You

  • So you have a coach, that’s awesome. Your coach can help you practice pivotal moments, your coach can help you explore your treasure map of fears to keep finding more and more of your superpowers,
  • your players past and present, they can refer you they can recommend you they can share about their breakthroughs and transformation in social spaces and attributed to you that will draw more potential players in your direction.
  • Your colleagues can share feedback on the things that you’re creating, they can provide a mix of support and challenge that we all need. You can cultivate a team of CO creators from among your peers. Remember, as coaches, we are not competing with each other. We are competing with the industrial mindset, we’re on the same team of humanity being awesome. So don’t worry about coaches, as your competitors, that’s just not a real thing.
  • Then you have your tribe, you know, your tribe can do so many things, you want to cultivate a tribe of people who see you in particular, as the champion of their dreams, because you get them. And when you share, they can give you social media juice, I don’t know what else to call it, you know, they can, they can forward the things you share. They can like them, share them with other people, you know, your tribe, when they really get energized for you. And the dream you’re co creating, they can really provide a lot of support. So you’re supporting them, they can support you.
  • Also your support team, you know, eventually, as your dream grows, as your business grows, you’ll have a support team, you’ll have folks that are co creating with you and they can use their imagination to make everything better, that’s pretty awesome.
  • And then your friends and family they can cheer you on, they can co create the environment with you. That’s important because there’s really nothing more important than profound belonging. So whoever is in your profound belonging group that is essential to you and your dream.


08:17 Your Dream is a Magnet

So the idea here is to really imagine that your dream is going to grow, and you’re going to attract more and more people who want to be a part of it, and that they are participating with you in the dream.


08:41 The Exercise

So the exercise here is to get in your comfy place, set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes. And you can start off just thinking about who is currently on your dream team. And imagine ways that you can co create with them, ways that they can support you. Then move on in your imagination to your future dream team who you would really want and need on your team. I had a really, really a lot of fun doing this myself, just envisioning. Oh yeah, I need an awesome person who can do this. I need an awesome person who can participate in this way I need to ask more proactively for this kind of support. You might have noticed I asked you know, for you to share this podcast. It’s the same basic idea that was actually a big deal for me, I can tell you that to make that ask. So these are the ideas.



Write down the experiences that you feel and you see. And as you do this, you keep in your mind and your imagination that your dream is vital to the world. vital to the human family and worthy of a great team. You and your dream are worthy of lots of support.


10:01 Please Share This

So that’s it. Always remember you are a coach, you are a champion of CO creating, and energizing your dream team and the idea of it will attract it to you. Then the big role perhaps the most challenging part of all of this is to allow and embrace all this support when it arrives. But that’s a conversation. We’ll talk about another time. All right. So this is super fun sharing this with you. As I said, feel free to share this with your players. anyone you know who would love to play big in the world and especially anyone you know, who would love to learn more about coaching.



Have an awesome day. I will be back with you tomorrow. You can find the transcript of this episode as well as lots of other awesome resources for coaches and big players on our website, And until the next time remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why there’s coaches.