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Episode 009 – Celebrate YOU

A powerful exercise to Energize Your Dream (9 of 9)

This #9 of 9 ways to Energize your Dream: Celebrate YOU!

Celebrating amplifies your connection to the supermind which is very important.

The BIG point is that YOU are perfectly positioned to live your Dream NOW.

Here are things you can celebrate:

  • Celebrate your clarity… that we have co-created over the past 9 days!
  • Celebrate the circumstances that are in your favor.
  • Celebrate every growth experience from the past year
  • Celebrate the Challenges you are eager to experience
  • Celebrate the superpowers and qualities you are going to express
  • Celebrate the skills you are eager to learn
  • Celebrate your Dream Team gathering around you… you players, colleagues, tribe… every one.

The Exercise:

Write these 7 words and phrases on the top of a page.

Clarity… Circumstances… Recent Growth… Upcoming challenges…
Superpowers… Eager to learn… Dream Team

Then write for 15 minutes about the ways you are positioned perfectly to live your dream now.


* There is a little surprise in the audio!



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David Buck


00:01 Energize your Dream by Celebrating YOU

You can energize your dream by celebrating. This is the champion dreams podcast. Let’s play.



Hello there coach Dave buck here with you. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches, powered by, where we are the champion of your dreams to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players, making the world a better place all over the world. team play for transformation.


00:52 Celebrating Amplifies Your Connection to the Supermind

This is episode number nine for December the 31st 2020. And this is our ninth of nine ways to energize your dream. So today, I am going to encourage you to celebrate; it’s a good time for that. Celebrate yourself, celebrate your dream, it’s super important because celebrating amplifies your connection to the super mind. And that really helps.


01:24 You are Perfectly Positioned to Live Your Dream NOW

So the big question to consider today is this. How are you perfectly positioned to live your dream right now? Right now. So before we get into celebrating, let’s understand that the industrial age was not big on celebrating you. That’s an understatement. You were part of the machine. We were all part of the machine. We’re supposed to just do our jobs and do it the right way. And if you did it right, well, you were supposed to do it, right. Not a big deal. Just do your job. You’re not special. You’re just a cog in the wheel of production. But this is not how we want to live. Surely, you know, you could celebrate your birthday. Okay, that’s good. The earth went around the sun and other time while you were on it. That’s awesome. But I want you to celebrate you; celebrate yourself anytime you play. Think about it, athletes celebrate a lot. Performance Artists are celebrated a lot. We need to bring that vibe to our lives because life is performance art.


02:44 7 Celebrations

All right, so I have a few ideas for you. As far as celebrating goes, you can celebrate your clarity, especially that we have co created over the last nine days. You can celebrate the circumstances that are starting to unfold that are in your favor. You can celebrate every growth experience that you’ve had in the past year. You can celebrate the challenges that you are eager to experience in the coming year. You can celebrate your superpowers and the qualities that you’ve been building and growing and the ones that you’re going to express even more in the year ahead. You can celebrate your skills, and you can celebrate the skills that you’re eager to learn as you pursue your dream. You can celebrate your dream team, gathering around you, your players, your colleagues, your tribe, everyone.



And when you put all this together, you start to see Wow, I’m really perfectly poised- perfectly positioned – to live my dream. This is what I want you to celebrate. I did this exercise yesterday. And it was really, really fun and energizing. I guess that’s good, because it’s supposed to energize your dream. My dream really got energized. So that was fun.


04:09 The Exercise

Now, what I did was, I wrote some key phrases on the top of a page of paper. And then I just started writing the ideas that were coming to me and as they came in, I just wrote them down. It was actually really, really fun. So here’s the exercise that you can do. What I did was I wrote the seven key words and phrases on the top of the page. I wrote: clarity, circumstances, recent growth, upcoming challenges, superpowers, eager to learn and Dream Team. And then just I let those phrases and the the idea of celebrating just really come to me and I just started writing. It was it was really, really fun. So I encourage you to do that.


05:06 2021 Grow… 2022 will be the year of Exuberance

All right, a big point I want to share with you is that your dream starts now. 2021 is going to be very important year, a very important year for us coaches; to find our voices to build our tribes, expand our influence, grow our confidence. This is going to be a year of growing and building because 2022 is going to be the most exuberant year in human history. You can just write that down, it’s coming and we need to be ready.


05:50 New Years Eve

Okay, now I have a little surprise for you. One of my aims for this podcast is to champion your dreams, and promote your playfulness and to empower you to give all of your talents to the world to share them with your players in some way to be generous with your gifts. So I’m going to do that with you as well. And one of my talents is singing standards. And I used to sing in little clubs, even though that was about 30 years ago now. But I am going to weave a little song from time to time into an episode. And since today is New Year’s Eve, and this is one of my favorite tunes that you can really only sing this time of year. All right, here goes …


I Wish You a Safe and Soulful Zoom Years Eve

All right, I wish you a safe and soulful zoom yours Eve. I really had fun sharing this with you. Feel free to share this with your players. anyone you know who would love to play big but especially anyone you know who would love to learn more about coaching. Have an awesome day. I will be back with you on Monday, January the fourth. You can find the transcript of this episode, as well as lots of other awesome ideas for coaches and players on our website until the next time remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why we are coaches.