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It looks like 2022 will be a year of exuberance beyond anything we have experienced!

As Life Coaches, how do we prepare for a year like that?

It looks like 2021 will be just as challenging as 2020 except that now we are all fatigued.

As Life Coaches, how do we prepare for a year like that?

3 Ideas:

1) Expand your circle of belonging. Be Bold. Be the one reaching out on a regular basis. Use your exceptional phone skills for good!

2) Get your group coaching program together… Create opportunities for gathering and participating. NOW. Make sure it is ready for 2022

3) Get your retreat / playshop program together. Do it on Zoom this year. Get ready for an abundance of in-person gathering in 2022.

The Exercise

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. 

TOP: What do I do?
Left side: 2021 Challenge
Right side: 2022 Exuberance

Write out the ideas you have to prepare for each of these upcoming years.


Mon, 1/4 7:14PM • 14:20


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David Buck


00:00 The Year of Exuberance… 2022

The year of exuberance is coming in 2022. So what do we do in the meantime, this is the champion of dreams podcast. Let’s play.


00:28 Champion of Dreams Podcast

Hello to you, coach Dave carry with you. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches, powered up by, where we are the champions of your dreams to be a great coach. And together, we champion the dreams of amazing players, making the world a better place all over the world. team play for transformation. This is episode number 10. for January the fourth 2021.


01:04 Happy New Year… now what?

Happy New Year. Very excited to be back with you. And yes, this is a quirky idea to start off the new year, the year of exuberance. 2022, it does sound like a strange subject. You know, it’s a new year. And it’s time to think of big dreams and things we’re going to do this year, which is awesome. This is why we had that whole series on energizing your dream. But you know what, these are very unique circumstances that we are living in in this time. So let’s explore this idea.



First, I want to be very clear, I am speaking as an observation, not an intention, always something to be very careful about, you know, the “abera ca dabera” effect “I create as I speak”. So I’m sharing a few ideas today that are not necessarily my intention, but an observation of what I see coming. And how as life coaches, we can approach it.


02:09 2022 will be the amplified roaring 1920’s after the last pandemic

So this idea that 2022 is going to be the year of exuberance. This is coming from history, we had the roaring 20s back in the 1920s that came right on the heels of the great flu pandemic of 1918 and 1919. And this has a potential to repeat and amplify from a century ago. And if you think about that time, and the creativity and the energy, and people really living their dreams, and theater, and live events, and all kinds of things just bursting because people were so excited to be back together. And of course, World War One ending had something to do with that as well. But I feel like 2022 has the potential to be the most dynamic year in any of our lifetimes.


03:11 How do we coaches prepare for this Exuberant year?

And so then the question is, as a professional coach, if you knew a year like that was coming a year down the road, how would you prepare for it? How would you prepare? So let’s think about that. And we’ll get to that in a moment.


03:31 2021… most likely is going to be pretty hard, But…

Now, we have 2021. Here we are. We don’t know how it’s going to be. There’s a lot of possibilities. There’s a lot of variables for sure. But one thing it looks like to me is that it looks like it’s going to be a lot like 2020 except for two things. One is this time we can see it coming. We know what’s happening. Number two, we have a globe of people in fatigue and isolation that the past year still has on our bodies and our lives. So in some ways it could be worse because of the fatigue. But in some ways it could be not better, but at least we can see it’s coming maybe we can plan for it. We can interact with it in a more empowering way.


04:27 Stepping into a situation, do you want to know how hard it will be?

And this does bring up an interesting coaching question. This is one of those iconic coaching questions. You know, if you are walking into a situation that has the potential to be really hard and really challenging, do you want to know about it in advance or not? And it’s a tricky one. I can think of times in my life where I just stepped into something with my, you know, coach Dave, now enthusiasm thinking this is gonna be great, and it turned out to be really, really hard. And then I was I was glad I didn’t know. Because if I would have known I might not have done it. Well, that’s gonna be really hard. I’m not doing that. But I’m glad I did it. So therefore, I’m glad I didn’t know.



On the other hand, I have definitely had an experience in my life where I stepped into a situation that I didn’t think was going to be that difficult particularly. And it turned out to be the hardest thing in my life by 100 times. And I kind of wish I had known that it was going to be so so hard, because I could have prepared. If someone would have said, Dave, listen, this situation you’re getting into, it’s going to be 100 times worse than your worst imagining. What? Oh, I wouldn’t have believed them, because I’m an optimist. But at least when it started to turn bad, I would have said, Oh, right, somebody told me about this. And I could have clicked into, you know, awareness mode a lot faster.


06:03 Do you tell your player what they are in for… or not?

So anyway, it’s always an interesting thing as a coach, because if you have an experience, and your players about to do something, and you’re like, Whoa, they don’t even know what they’re getting themselves into, do I tell them? Or do I not tell them? It’s a it’s a quirky question. I don’t think there’s a right answer either, by the way, but in this particular case, we can see it coming. And even if it doesn’t turn out to be so bad, or so difficult. If you at least take it as a thought experiment and say, Okay, let’s just play with the idea that 2021 is going to be just as hard maybe harder than 2020. As far as the pandemic and the economy and all those things, then what do we do?


06:45 Both years reveal a similar approach

Okay. Now, the interesting thing is, as I pondered these two questions, the ideas I was coming up with seemed to actually apply to both. So I thought that was very interesting. So that’s why I wanted to share this with you. So one thing I encourage you to do as as an exercise is to get a piece of paper, put a line down the middle, and on the left side, put 2021 big challenge. And then on the right side, put 2022 year of exuberance, what do I do? And then just start coming up with ideas of how you would step into these two situations, planning for both, and see what you come up with.


07:31 Number one: expand your circle of belonging

But here’s what I came up with 2021 challenging year 2022 year of the most incredible dynamic exuberance in human history: the number one: what I plan to do this year, hyper focus on belonging; really get zoned in on creating profound belonging, and expanding my circle. Expand your circle become the champion of dreams, become the champion of belonging. For more people. If you have a circle of people you tend to reach out to and stay in touch with, you know, during the pandemic, and you’re on the phone and we’re on zoom. You want to just expand your circle, do that for a lot more people. Be bold, reach out to people that you think are interesting that you know, maybe even a little bit and be the one who’s reaching out and creating belonging to a bigger circle of people. We are life coaches, our business model is based on the phone. This is our sweet spot. So let’s use our skills for good. Let’s use our phone abilities. Reach out, talk to people, be a phone Maven, connect with people see how they’re doing, see how their dreams are going. This will serve you well this year for sure. But it will really prepare you to thrive in 2022. So that’s number one.


09:06 Number Two: Get your Group Coaching Program Together… NOW

Number two, get your group coaching program together, get it together, plan it, create it, market it, sell it, do a zoom version of it, do a conference call Maestro conference, whatever you like to do; whatever technology, get your group coaching program together because in 2022 you’re going to have so much potential for players there’s no way you’re going to be able to coach them all one-on-one. So you want to have a really well constructed, ready to go group coaching program to just start putting people into when the energy and the exuberance picks up. But in the meantime, people are craving connection and yeah, people are going on zoom calls sitting there watching. But as life coaches, that’s not what we do. We don’t create programs for people to sit and watch, we create co-creative experience participative experiences. So do that, do that this year, get small groups together: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 at the most so that everyone is engaged, feeling that connection with each other.


10:25 Create a group coaching program that is perfect for your lifestyle

And with you, this is a, this is so important. It’s a great business model anyway, but now is especially the time to do it, do it in a way that is super fun for you. Always remember, coaching is a lifestyle business, design it for you to love your life, and people will come along. And because this is a challenging time, you know, for a lot of people, maybe they’re, you know, when people are feeling scarcity, and even though there’s a lot of abundance flying around in just in a different way. But when people are feeling that scarcity, they’re maybe not going to want to or feel comfortable investing as much as they might in the future. So you can make it affordable. And just know that is going to pay dividends because if you have a bunch of success stories, and testimonials and the confidence of having done it a bunch of times, so that in 2022, it’s really going to pay dividends.



Okay, so number one, hyper focus on belonging, be a phone Maven, expand your reach out circle. Number two, get your group coaching, group coaching program together, practice it ally, get people in it, do it.


11:41 Number Three: Create Zoom retreats… to prepare for 2022 In-person retreats

And then number three, similar to number two, but I highly recommend you create and produce a bunch of zoom retreats this year, whatever it is: half day, one day, two days, create your group retreats, get your group exercises down, get your flow of how you create a transformational experience with people. You really got to do it this year, do it on zoom. First of all, again, it’s participation, it’s belonging, people are craving it. But then, in 2022, I am telling you, human beings all around this earth are going to be looking for things to do, in person things, getting together learning together. They’re going to be craving it and signing up for it and you want to be ready with some compelling offers.



So I would say just get your programs together, practice them this year, and be ready for 2022 to just be the most fun year ever with your in-person retreats.


12:57 Share with me your 2021 and 2022 plan

All right. I would love to hear your ideas about how you are going to play out 2021 and prepare for 2022 you can share your ideas with me: by email; My email is CoachDave at CoachVille. You can comment on the blog post on the website and I will be putting these episodes on our CoachVille Facebook page, and you can comment on them there.


13:25 Please Share This!

Alright. This is 14 minutes, I thought for sure this is going to be about a six minute audio. Yikes! So thanks for listening. This was a lot of fun sharing this with you hopefully provocative, feel free to share this with your players, or anyone you know who would love to play big and especially anyone you know who would love to learn more about coaching. Have an awesome day. I will be back with you tomorrow. You can find the transcript of this episode as well as lots of other awesome resources for coaches and players on our website Until next time, remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why we are coaches.