The Play Life Manifesto Video Series

Join our movement to bring the Spirit of Play back to life!

The “Play Life Manifesto” is a revolutionary new approach to live your dreams using transformational play written by CoachVille CEO Dave Buck, MBA, MCC.

The 22 ideas in this manifesto will be real game changers for you if you aim to play life bigger or coach life better. If you have a dream to play BIG in the world – for example in a business, community or cause – this Manifesto will uplevel the way you pursue your dream.

From late November through December 2018 I did a Facebook Live presentation on each of the 22 Ideas of the Manifesto.
I had never done a Facebook Live before this so the first few are a bit of an adventure… but FUN. LOL.

Each is 20-30 minutes long. There are no pitches in these video’s … just the ideas. AND only occasional reference to what is happening in the comments with the folks who were watching live.  ENJOY!!

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