Play Life - 2 - Share Your Dream

What do you want to share with the world?

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players.”
– William Shakespeare

Life is not work. Life is not a school. Life is a playground! On the playground you can create performance art, play a game, or pursue a quest. You can bring this mindset to anything — your business, career, community, family, or cause.

On the playground you create fulfilling experiences for yourself and with others. You express your voice, create value, reveal your vulnerability, and grow from everything.

On global social platforms you can share your experiences on the playground in way that makes your personal growth a contribution to the world!

“Play Safe” Body Belief: “It is not safe for me to be fully myself.”

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“My experience with this approach to life is that it takes work but it is far better. I work as a psychotherapist so I am continually working with clients to live this way and explore on a regular basis though there are slight variations on these ways of playing that are good ways to revive my energy for the game.” – Carrie Leaf


Everything is more fun when you approach it with the same spirit, creativity, and curiosity you had on the playground as a child.  Even if it wasn’t a playground! (My formulative years we had forests near us, not playgrounds.)

We made up games; we improvised.  Once we ran races around a house using the electric meter as a stopwatch (which really hurt the kid running when the mom started the laundry!).  We invented games in the woods, of course “Cowboys and Indians” but also playing as Hobbits (#GeekAlert) and Science Fiction characters.  We used our imaginations to create new things from what we found.

And through this we learned many things about the environment, nature, ourselves, and one another.  It wasn’t always easy, but it worked.

And it’s a great metaphor for how life should be.  A great achieveable aspiration for everyone who thinks there’s a better way to live.” – David Sherrod


“I love viewing life as time on the playground. I’ve often heard the expression “earth school” in the sense of life being H-A-R-D, but in truth it’s much more like a playground. On the playground you inhabit your body, you learn to interact with others in new ways, you feel your limitations and push yourself to new edges, and even though sometimes you skin a knee, or break an arm, you embrace the learning and the healing that follows as part of the learning curve of life”. – Erin Brimmer


“The concept of leaping onto the playground is amazing. I struggled with the concept a bit at first and then I applied some inner freedom and placed myself back as a child, gearing up in school getting ready to run onto the playground. I felt that feeling, the rush, the excitement, the moment of oh wow I hope I get the trycycle {yea i went wayyy back} the moment the air hit my face and I just smiled. I have been moving towards that same excitement level day by day with my life. It is sooo very freeing. I bound into the office and smile with anticipation of the first project I am going to touch. I get all worked up and ready for when I sit down to play with coaching, its an amazing feeling.” – Kimberly Divito