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We at CoachVille acknowledge your commitment to add value to the lives of others as a professional coach!

In support of your commitment, we’ve put together a set of resources called the Pro Coach Membership.  Together, the elements detailed below cost more than USD $500 when retailed separately.  BUT, on this page, you’ll find them bundled together for only $290 for an entire calendar year or $29 per month. That’s a savings of almost 50%.

Suffice to say this is our way of making it mind-bogglingly easy to invest a small amount – in this case $290 – and take a great leap forward. For a small annual fee, all of a sudden, worlds of knowledge are open and accessible to you.

That said, $290 is still an investment, so we’ve made it even easier for you to join us with a special offer:

A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If after you join CoachVille’s Pro membership you decide it’s not for you, simply email the CoachVille Help Desk at within 7 days and we’ll cheerfully refund your money. You’ll still have access to all the resources available for free in the Basic Membership, if you choose.

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To Join CoachVille at the Professional Coach level is only $290 for an entire year.
Why Join? Here are just 7 reasons:

Resource #1:

Pro Level Coach Connect
Detailed Professional Profile
In The Only Coach-Focused Social Networkcoachconnectblue120x160-gif

The Coach Connect system – custom-built by CoachVIlle – is the ‘Facebook’ for coaches. Get your profile polished right away to take full advantage. As a Pro Coach member, you will be able to customize your profile to show:

  • Your professional experience
  • Your success stories
  • Your coaching BIO
  • Your personal ‘at play’ preferences
  • Your world, in other words, your winning environment
  • And more, including internal email and chat features…

Together we are Better!
Your profile will immediately be searchable within the CoachVille network of over 25,000! And you can use the member search tool to find high quality collaborators and referral partners.

Content + Connection
Learning with others is always more compelling than learning in isolation. When you visit any of the resources included in your membership, you will be able to see and connect with colleagues who are currently studying the same thing. You can create an ad-hoc study group and amplify your learning experience.

Ready to customize your profile? It only takes a few moments to become a Pro Coach Member and reap all the benefits. Just click the button below…

Resource #2

Over 30 “Real Coaching” Sessions
Listen in and learn with
Master Certified Coach and CEO of CoachVille, Dave Buck RealCoachingMini-120x187-gif
In the Basic Coach membership you received the first session recordings of two Real Coaching sets. With your Pro-Coach Membership you get to listen to the complete set of 6 sessions PLUS over 20 additional sessions recorded with the players in our Business Academy for Coaches.

While you listen to these powerful sessions you will learn coaching skills AND business skills and strategies at the same time! AND you will be blown away by pure authenticity of the players as they boldly pursue a life of Human Greatness. These sessions are a treasure.

Observing another practitioner of your craft is one of the most important and most profound steps on the path to mastery. The ‘Real Coaching’ Collection includes six consecutive sessions with two clients, each facing a unique and challenging opportunity.

Listen in as the situations unfold and hear how coaching contributes to the ultimate outcome. How would you have coached in this situation? What method, style and nuance do you hear in Dave’s coaching, and how might that add depth to your next session with one of your players?

There is something very special about listening to the same client progress through a complete series of 6 coaching sessions. Again, a CoachVille exclusive that’s part of the Professional Coach Membership. Also, at the conclusion of several sessions you can listen in on a live debrief between Coach Dave and the students of our Center for Coaching Mastery. This is very educational.

The Complete Real Coaching Archive is included in the annual Pro Coach membership price of just USD $290, along with the other resources on this page. If it seems too good to be true, it’s okay, there really is no catch. Just pure unadulterated love and commitment to advancing the field of coaching. Won’t you join us?

Resource #3

The Complete 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System
The Premiere System For Mastering The Craft Of Coaching,
Including The 15 Proficienciescvlogocertcoach-gif
In your Basic Coach Membership, you received the CoachVille Coaching System overview. With your Pro Coach Membership, you get the complete program.

As you progress with coaching clients, you’ll want to ensure you have a rock solid foundation of coaching skills. The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System provides that in 15 written Learning Guides and 15 hour-long recordings in downloadable MP3 format for each of the 15 Proficiencies. Each one is a repeatable unit of learning that you can return to again and again at your convenience.

Preview: Proficiency #1 – Engages in Provocative Conversations

Also, if you become interested in earning your certification as a coach, this material will become even more central to your studies. CoachVille’s accredited Center for Coaching Mastery uses the 15 Proficiencies as a launching pad for deeper real-time training.  By starting here, you’ll be well-positioned to align your skill set with certification, if that’s what you choose. May as well start on the right foot, yes?

Sold separately at $199 or available here as part of the $290 annual Professional Coach Membership. Side note: Once you’ve finished the 2-minute signup process, we recommend you book some time in your appointment calendar to study and listen to these pieces. Ready to dive in? Just click the ‘Join Pro Coach’ button…

Resource #4:

The Complete Attraction Program
28 Principles of Attraction by Thomas Leonard attractionlogo
“The Coach who masters the Attraction Principles will be more effective with their clients because the coach — and client — will be using an advanced personal operating system that reduces resistance, accelerates learning and provides a common coaching platform for both parties.”
– Thomas Leonard

The Attraction Program is a complete self-study program focused on personal development. It includes:

  • 12 Audio recordings with Thomas. To listen to a clip from the program click HERE.
  • The 28 Principles of Attraction in detail including distinctions, quotes, top 10 ways to implement and more.
    Prevew Attraction Principle #2 – Unhook Yourself From the Future
  • 37 additional sections of course content that will impact your business building prowess.

In addition, Professional Coach members of CoachVille receive permission to reproduce the 28 Principles of Attraction Mini-poster for use in your marketing materials and in client sessions. Priced separately at USD $290, the complete attraction program is included as part of your $99 Pro Coach Membership – exclusively at CoachVille. 

Resource #5

The Complete Full Practice Ecourse
100 Time-Tested Lessons To Fill Your Coaching Practicefullpractice100gif
Statistics say that many coaches fail in their first year because they lack the business building skills needed to sign paying clients. At CoachVille, we feel that most business-building programs for coaches miss a crucial fact. Coaches are usually a very special breed of sensitive, intuitive, bright individuals for whom traditional marketing methods are not a fit.

The answer? Acknowledge the many ways there are to fill your coaching business and be discerning in choosing the methods that work for you. The Full Practice Ecourse by Thomas Leonard and Dave Buck has stood the test of time, it has already helped over 3000 coaches build thriving businesses.

Possibly the most comprehensive marketing program for coaches ever assembled, the 100 lessons are organized into 20 sections with 5 lessons each. You’ll receive downloadable PDFs, fully indexed, and 4 audio recordings that accompany key lessons.

Preview: Lesson #1: What you do as a coach

Available separately for USD $290, the Full Practice resource is just one of many things included in the Professional Coach Membership, only at CoachVille. To begin utilizing this resource today, click the ‘Join Pro Coach’ button.

Resource #6:

All the great resources from the Basic Coach Membership!You Can Coach!
eBook and teleclass recordings YouCanCoach-120x180-gif

The “You Can Coach” eBook and Audio Archive is a great resource for the aspiring coach.  It includes:

Chapter 1: The Coaching Manifesto – a powerful declaration of the purpose of coaching in the world today
Chapter 2: The Play Better Method – a compelling step by step approach to getting great results with EVERY player.

Both chapters are packed with Coaching Ideas that you can use right away; Ideas you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

Teleclass archive
On these recordings you will…
Learn a great new coaching concept or skill that you can use right away in your own life AND with your players.

At CV We are reinventing professional coaching with the Spirit of Play
And YOU can be a part of it! Simply by joining CoachVille.

Resource #7:

CoachVille Caffeine
Live And Inspiring Coaching Conversation

Fresh Content & Interviews Hosted Via Phone, WWW and PodcastCVCaffeine-120x180-gif

Coaching conversations are a microcosm of societal trends and the fast pace of life. Did something just happen in the news? Who just did something noteworthy in our world? What big societal trends are affecting work, love and life today? These things will impact your clients and your coaching, so being equipped to coach knowledgeably about them is just smart.

The ‘CoachVille Caffeine’ show airs on Mondays at 1 PM ET

Not to worry though, if you can’t attend in person. Audio recordings are archived and available for downloading at your convenience.

Remember the brain researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza from “What the BLEEP do we know?” Want to hear how brain research explains the power of coaching?
It is in the Caffeine Archive!

Join now for immediate access!

Resource #8:

3 Hours With Coaching’s Founding Father, Thomas Leonard
Provocative And Topical – One-Of-A-Kind Audio Recordingsthomas-120X160-jpg

One of the most provocative thinkers on the coaching landscape was Thomas Leonard, known to the world as the founder of modern professional coaching. It’s widely agreed that Thomas was responsible for bringing the concept of coaching to the attention of mainstream media. On that basis, there’s now a fantastic living to be made by tens of thousands of coaches (perhaps you?).

By now, you may also know Thomas was also the founder of CoachVille, Coach U, the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaching. He epitomized independent thinking, and lived, worked and coached for years out of his RV.

We may be biased, but we’re of the opinion that no coach, aspiring or veteran, should be without the experience of hearing Thomas’s vision and intellect at work.  So we’ve included 3 wonderful recordings of Thomas.

Those curious about coaching may wonder ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ when it comes to Thomas Leonard. Well, wonder no more. You can hear for yourself when you become a CoachVille member.

30 Essential Coaching Forms
101 Coaching Mistakes (and how to avoid them)
Other surprises!

The Professional Coach Membership is an extraordinary investment in yourself – in your life as a professional Coach. All for just $290 / year.

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