There is a wild energy that runs through the heart of CoachVille and our students.

You hear it in classes and in the curriculum. It’s present in the coaching practice sessions in every class.  You hear in the presence of the coaches that journey through our virtual campus. It is ever present, an inspiring undercurrent of change and growth. There is just something different about CoachVille coaches, they have an energy that seems to vibrate with possibility

Our students leave classes wild-eyed and ready to change the world! We embrace vibrant self-expression and the “authentic voice” in all that we do at CoachVille. Classes include provocative conversation about the how and why of coaching and this back and forth dialog is energizing and inspiring. It is essential to our class experience.

Our coaching students are challenged to step outside of comfort zone on the path to mastery. At CoachVille who you are and who you are becoming are just as important as what you learn! Our programs are life changing, the energy is contagious and the methods are powerful.

How Our Members Experience CoachVille

  • As a place where they can be intellectually challenged.
  • As a place where they naturally become more creative.
  • As a place where they accelerate their personal evolution.
  • As a place where they can contribute.
  • As a place where big ideas can be freely tossed around.
  • As a place where they can access what is new in coaching.
  • As a place that they can call their professional home.
  • As a place where they add to their skill sets.

We see every coaching session as a collaborative piece of performance art!