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Results Change Your Life

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Accomplishments feel good, results change your life – Dave Buck

Dave: We’ve been having this conversation in the Step Up and Stand Out class and it’s related to what you’re sharing.

In the twentieth century our version of getting it done was based on personal accomplishment. Everyone basically took on what they themselves accomplish. It was based on what I can do. I can write a book. I can develop this plan. I can make this thing or do this project.

As we move into the twenty first century, personal accomplishment is not really the game any more. Now the game is about results. To accomplish results you need other people because any result you might want to create (in business) means that other people said yes.

Other people did something; they purchased or participated in some way.  As soon as your game involves other people it becomes a really scary game because tasks are pretty safe while people are dangerous.  That’s just the reality of life.

For example, writing a book is a great accomplishment. That is something you can pretty much do yourself. However, getting five thousand people to read your book and act on it that is a result.

The important thing about this distinction is that accomplishments feel really good, but results can change your life.

Writing your book, that feels really good. Five thousand people reading your book and acting on it that will change your life and probably their lives too.

Business today is stepping into this unknown. It is no longer enough to in business to say, we do this, this and this. Now it is about how do you produce results? How do you engage people to get them to say yes?

Dawn: I feel like that’s the great challenge and opportunity for coaches right now. This is what I’ve noticed in my business. I have folks who are in their forties, fifty’s and beyond. Then, I also have millennial’s and the generations that followed.  The people that are older than the millennial’s are terrified about this paradigm shift and we have an incredible opportunity to help them transition.

Because, Millennials were raised on computers and crowd sourcing and everything. So, people to them are scary, kind of, but they raised 2.5 million dollars on kickstarter to make their movies and they use their communities. They were born in communities and the previous generations weren’t.

I’m passionate about making that change for people.  I feel like that is our job as coaches on this planet, right now.

Dave: Yes. I totally agree. Well, the Millennials grew up with a game in their hand. When you grow up with a game in your hand, you grow up with results because you don’t just play the thing for the sake of playing, you play the thing to win.

Then, younger kids grew up with a game in their hand that they were playing with someone else at the same time. They were always in a game with and for and against other people.  Going for results is just apart of what they do. They don’t have the fear of results because they grew up going for results all the time.

If you didn’t grow up with that, getting results is some scary shit.

Dawn: It’s a massive transition.

Dave: I think this is the most provocative conversation of our time. How are people over 35 going to make the transition from accomplishment living to results living?
What do you think of accomplishments vs. results?

How has this shown up in your life?

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