CoachVille Certified Trainer Program Open House Call

The first ever CoachVille Certified Trainer Program starts on Wednesday 2013-09-25.

I held an “Open House” conversation this week to share ideas and answer questions for coaches who were curious about the opportunity.

And several coaches who have already signed on to the TEAM attended as well to share their perspectives.

Earlier this week I attended a “MEETUP” ( was MADE for New York City; it is awesome!) where thought leader Seth Godin was giving a short presentation.  He had some very interesting comments about the business of coaching which I shared.

It was a great conversation.

I have split the recording into sound bites for your enjoyment! 😉


Coach Dave shares the BIG ideas for the CoachVille Certified Coach Trainer Program!
Hint: the best way to build a coaching business is to teach everyone you know HOW to coach!
I know this sounds very radical, but I believe it to be true!

Listen to the RADICAL IDEA segment

Seth Godin on the business of coaching

Hint: He thinks it is impossibly hard and explains why.

Listen to the Seth Godin segment

The Coaching Stigma

Hint: Most people still believe that life/business coaching is for people who are weak and have problems

Listen to the stigma segment

The University / Adult Education Opportunity

Larry and Dave talk about the opportunity you have to bring CV Coach Training material to Universities, Colleges and Adult Education institutions.
Hint: It’s HUGE!

Listen to the Education segment

Coach Training in different segments and languages

Hint: With a little tweaking in the language YOU can bring Coach Training to YOUR unique community.

Listen to the Language segment

Visibility – Credibility – Desirability

Hint: By becoming the coach trainer in your community you will greatly expand your visibility, credibility and desirability!

Listen to the VCD segment


If you would like a brief interview with me to explore your participation in the first ever CV Certified Trainer Program…

send me an email to: coachdave @ : please put Trainer Program in the subject line.