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Have you ever set up a booth at a vendor fair to showcase your coaching or business?  Or, have you ever coached a client who has tried vendor fairs as a part of their marketing and list building campaign?

If you answered YES to either of the questions above, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

Coach Dave coached player, Susan Cleaver, on the results of her most recent vendor fair experience by helping her evaluate the results so that she can improve her success and play bigger at her NEXT vendor event in November.

You’ll never guess the game plan they put in place for her next event! Too fabulous and funny!

Watch this LIVE Business Coaching Show to learn ideas to try yourself and coaching questions to ask your clients.

EVEN BETTER…Leave a comment and tell us what the vender fair experience has been like for you and what questions you have around playing for bigger results.

Time AT… Coaching Topic
00 min Introduction of Show & Players
04 min Comments From YOU – Special shout out to Geetha in this episode
05:40 min Past Player SUCCESS – Raul from Episode #21 – “Stop Being FAKE!”
10 min How To Be A Vendor Fair Success – Coach Dave Coaches Player Susan Cleaver
27 min Expert Coaching Commentators, Megan and Deanna Weigh In
31:50 min
Create A Game Plan for Speed Engagement (at a vendor fair)
39:30 min YOU’RE NOT DEAD YET!
44:11 min Role Play Time
53 min Expert Coach Commentators, Megan and Deanna – Final Thoughts
57 min SUPER FUN GAME! What Company is THAT Advertisement For?
Shout Out To CoachVille Coach Ryan

Share below…

What has been YOUR experience with vendor fairs?

What was your biggest Ah-Ha about being successful at a vendor fair, from the show?

What are you going to put into action this week?


Show Player & Expert Commentators:

Susan Cleaver

Susan Cleaver, Player

Susan Cleaver is the “The Great-Life Advocate” (TM) coach at Mind Spa Coaching and Reiki in Philadelphia.She coaches and facilitates the games of Creativity, Energy Practices, and Audacious Self-Care.Her blog address is http://creative4life.blogspot.com.You can reach her at
or (610) 385-3766

Megan Hoernke

Megan Hoernke
Expert Coach Commentator

We are SO much greater than the sum of our titles.Megan Hoernke is an inspired Leadership coach and speaker. With a background in business, education and alternative health, she is passionate about serving as a catalyst for people longing to reconnect with their authentic core. People can reach Megan at megan@redefiningpower.ca


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