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You found us!  We are super grateful for that.  Over 90% of the amazing people who join CoachVille do so because someone they know recommended that they “check out CoachVille”! (The rest find us through our good friends Google and the International Coach Federation)  😉

We would love if you would introduce us to the awesome people in YOUR World.  We like to think that everyone in your world who learns how to coach will make your life just a little brighter!

The 21st Century business engine is the Connection Economy.  When making important investments of time or money or when looking for resources make life better, most people rely heavily on recommendations they receive from people they trust.

At CV we have put heart and soul into creating the programs and infrastructure that make CV the most innovative, effective and FUN Coach Community and Coach Training in the world.

Now we have invested in creating a Partner Program that makes is easy, fun and rewarding for you to introduce us to the people in your world who can benefit from learning how to coach.

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