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How To Manage The Tension Between Reality and Dreams

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This Week’s Topic: How To Manage The Tension Between Reality and Dreams?

We were so excited to coach on this topic!


Because we received this message from the amazing Linda Basso:

Dave mentioned “managing the tension between where you are and where you’re heading” on one of the recent live coaching shows but didn’t go into it much. It caught my attention because it accurately describes my current experience. I have an 18 year career that is successful (and safe/easy) but that I lack passion and interest in any longer and I’m wanting to move into coaching/teaching/writing but am finding the transition to be intense in good & bad ways. I would like to understand how to be more graceful and inspired in this transition and not so tense/powering through it.

Have you ever felt this way?

In this episode, you will learn how to manage the tension between reality and dreams!

What you WON’T learn in this episode is how to get rid of negative emotions or banish them! No, instead, you will learn how to play with both and the power of keeping both around. Watch this LIVE Business Coaching Show to learn ideas to try YOURSELF and coaching questions to ask your clients.

After watching, leave a comment: We want to hear from you! What is your BIGGEST internal battle between reality and dreams? Share below…


Time AT… Coaching Topic
00 min Introduction of Show & Players
03:40 min Comments From YOU
06:00 min How To Manage The Tension Between Reality and Dreams – Coach Dave Coaches Linda Basso
17:00 min How To Manage The Tension Between Playing Big and Staying Safe – Inner Freedom Coaching
51:45 min Pamela Dykes gives her expert coaching thoughts
55:45 min
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Show Expert & Player:

Linda Basso

This Week’s Player, Linda Basso

Hi, I’m Linda Basso and here’s a little about me: for 18 years I’ve run a boutique design and marketing firm helping clients design their brand and communications in ways that are authentic, playful and effective at getting a response. During that time, I’ve become masterful at a few things in addition to my career: flexible adventurous living, connective communication, responsive parenting, and passionate relationships. So I’m changing my business to offer coaching to individuals and small businesses in living and working well to bring joy to themselves and others. Recently I moved to a small town in rural northern California with my husband and two children where we are creating a life aligned with our values.

Email: transformationsthrucoaching@gmail.com

Pam Dykes

Expert Coach Commentator, Pam Dykes

Pamela Y. Dykes Ph.D CMC
I am an author, speaker, teacher, and coach who specializes is helping business professionals and individuals develop to their full potential.
I coach Come backers people who have had set backs and want to comeback and a big way … Primarily women who want to get their mojo back go back to work or reinvent themselves.


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