After Taking CoachVille’s Level 1 Coach Training Courses this Fall (Sept-Dec 2013),

CoachVille Student, Luis Soto Overcame His Fear and Published His Book

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1. How long you’ve been with CoachVille and what course(s) have you most recently taken? 

Luis-Soto Jr

Luis-Soto Jr

My journey to Coachville started in July of 2004. I was taking a Mentorship Class titled: $0 to $60,000.00.  But,  half way in the program, I was confronted by my own fear and I dropped out.

Now 10 years later, I’m taking Coachville’s complete coaching mastery certification program and I just completed the 4 level 1 classes for this semester including: Play Two Win, Step Up and Stand Out, Practicum, and Basic Coaching Skills and Ethics.

2.  How Did You Land a Book Deal with Balboa Press?

This past April 2013, I joined a Mastermind group in Queens that started me on the path of writing my book.  The group was playing a BIG GAME FOR 90 days to create extraordinary results, hence my book was born.

It was extremely challenging for me to write my book in the summer time. My MMG  (mastermind group) was making me accountable every week to present tangible results with my book and I fought them all the way through.

Then, while I was in my MMG, one of the co-leaders offered to fund the expense of publishing my book but something about it felt off.   Mostly because this book is about how I have been able to transform my experience of childhood abuse and addictions to awaken to the brand new me!

After I completed the 90 days in my MMG, I had the foundation of my book. This included my title, table of contents and 6 chapters.

I continue to enjoy the rest of the summer and not think about the book.

This became an avoidance tactic. Friend would pop out of no where and ask about my book and I would cringe. I told them to stop asking me about my book…that is until one day this fall when I was listening to Hay House Radio and Dr. Dyer is on the air letting the listeners know that he will be a YOU CAN DO IT CONFERENCE in NYC this weekend.

Immediately, I tried to buy tickets for my girlfriend and I online. BUT, they were sold out!

However, being a coach, I did not let that stop me! And, I manage to get two tickets Saturday morning for a one day pass to see Dr. Dyer and the rest of the speakers.

As soon as we walk into the auditorium there was a BIG banner promoting Balboa Press: PUBLISH YOUR INNER AUTHOR! Right then and there, I knew it was time to get back to writing and completing my book.

After Dr. Dyer talk, I walk straight to Balboa Press table and sign up with them to help me self publish my book.

I now have a production team from Balboa Press that have helped me lay out the roadmap from A to Z on how to publish my book.

As such, I am currently in the process of submitting my manuscript and starting the journey towards living the dream of a publish author.

This is a new paradigm shift for me. I am now declaring my vision as a successful author, speaker and coach and I love it!

3.   If you had one piece of advice to give other coaches out there, what would you say?

I would say, start living your dream as a successful coach today! Life too short! Live your passion so you can help other change and transform their lives!

Step into your vision and the universe will correspond with your intention

4. What type of person would you recommend to a CoachVille Course?

I recommend anyone who is ready to take a plunge into their best self to join CoachVille. In my opinion, the school of CoachVille is ” The underground school of transformation”!

5.  How can viewers get in touch with you or learn more about what you do?

They can visit my website:

Email me at: for a free 30 minute exploratory session to discover and “Awaken the brand new you”!


Thank you CoachVille for this opportunity to share my passion about transformation with the world. I love this school and I’m grateful to be part of this beautiful, loving, powerful family of transformation!