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The world around you can become the greatest asset to your ultimate success in your business, career and life!  Using the World Power Method you can transform the 9 Environments of You (TM) from a source of obstacles and tolerations to a powerful picture that naturally pulls you to success.

Fundamental Human Truth: You become what you see.

The Keys: Pattern Language AND Environmental Design.

Deep Dive Logistics

Date: Friday August 14, 2015 1PM ET – 2:30PM ET

Where: Your phone and (optional) computer (On our amazing Maestro Bridge)

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BONUS: World Power Coaching Marathon with Coach Dave… Immediately following from 2:30 – 4:00PM ET

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In the session you will learn:Deep Dive Coach Training Conversations

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngWhy you MUST design your environments if you desire sustainable success

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngHow designing environments removes the struggle from becoming successful

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngHow to upgrade the 9 Environments of You

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngHow to use Power Patterns to upgrade your environments AND design your Personal Success Academy


YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngYou will meet some awesome colleagues via our conversational learning method!
Yes, you will start upgrading your Network Environment WHILE you are on the call!

This session will provide you with life-changing awareness that you can apply right away to your life, business and with your clients and family.

You will love this call!

I recommend you join us!

DaveMediaCircle-pngLoving Life,

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

ps. You can learn more about the World Power Method here.

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Where is your Tahuichi?


About Coach Dave, MCC, MBA…
Coach Dave Buck is one of the leading visionaries in the field of professional life and business leadership coaching.  He was a personal protege and collaborator with the late Thomas Leonard, the founding father of professional Life Coaching. He was one of the first 6-figure life coaches in the world and ICF Member #72. He has over 20,000 hours of 1-1 coaching and has trained thousands of coaches in the coaching and business methods he has developed.  He is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council with Jack Canfield and fellow luminaries of the Human Potential Movement.