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CoachVille Coaching Power Pattern 12 Enters New Territories

Coach Deanna is hosting a Deep Dive conversation on Monday and I hope you can join her.

We’ve been talking about the Coaching Revolution for the past few months.

One big topic is how coaches need to get past the idea of simply asking questions while at the same time not going all the way over to simply giving the instructions.

Power Pattern #12, Enters New Territories, is a great way to find middle ground that is perfectly suited to your player.

Enters New Territories is when you assess the players situation and then suggest something that can help them become a better player and create better results.  Then if they are game for the adventure, you co-create an experiment or an exploration.  AND… a big key here… you go WITH them!

A new territory could be:

A Way of Being: like an emotional state

An Ability: like a new skill or a strategy

A Place:  like a framework

Please invite your awesome friends to join us!

Coaching is the new Super Power that every leader needs!

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Great Coaching Will Transform Our World,

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

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About Coach Deanna, PCCCoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Deanna Stull

Coach Deanna is the CoachVille General Manager and Chief Experience Officer!

Deanna spends her lifetime curious about why people place self-imposed limitations on possibility while few truly achieve greatness. She believes the defining difference lies not in education, background, or even ability, but in embracing courage.

Her destiny is to help leaders, entrepreneur’s and bold thinkers to be courageous so they can inspire their teams, their communities, those they serve and thereby the world. Courage and clear vision are the jet fuel needed for organizations and people to achieve greatness.