Jump in with other good players… AND a great coach!

If you want to play a complex game better, you are going to need to GROW a LOT.

To grow into a better player there is really only one reliable move… Get into a great environment for that game.

You need an environment that will support you AND challenge you as you set out to play the game.

You need an environment that is so challenging that your YOUR Super Powers are called forth AND embraced; where your gifts and creative ideas are required rather than thwarted.

You need an environment where your contribution is needed AND…

A few points from this podcast:

In this audio I share a funny story from my Tahauichi Soccer Academy experience; where the coaches dropped us off in the jungle and told us to start running!

The BIG point is that a complex game like business requires a LOT of growth, a lot of facing challenges, a lot of learning from others, a lot of learning about yourself. The best way to do this is in an environment designed for excellence in the game.

To Compete: to seek the best in oneself in the company of others likewise engaged.

THRIVE! To Compete is to seek the best in oneself

Here is a fun photo from the Tahuichi Socer Academy.

YES! I did this.

THRIVE! Santa Cruz Bolivia Lomas De Arena



THRIVE! Santa Cruz Bolivia El Rio


In THRIVE you will have the opportunity to step into a bunch of different crazy and fun adventures that will expand your comfort zone, your abilities AND your business.

There are a few more photos in the slide deck on the THRIVE Page here


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