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I am super pumped to share this audio series about REAL Coaching with you.

Listening to this will give you a LOT of clarity AND energy for your quest to become a GREAT Coach.

This article contains episodes 6, 8, 9 and 7 of my TEAM CoachVille podcast and game!

After you listen to the audio I would love for you to jump onto the game card and share your thoughts and inspirations.

If you are new to the coaching space, then you can skip ahead to the audio.

If, however, you have been in the coaching space for a while, then I need to give you a “heads up”!

WARNING! This audio might agitate your mind!
AND… It just might liberate your coaching soul.

This might happen because what I am going to tell you about coaching will be very different from what you have learned in other coach training programs  or coaching books.

Remember that one of the key jobs of the social part of your brain is to maintain belonging. So when someone says something that contradicts something said by someone you like, trust or admire it creates an agitation. Your social mind wants to like the person you are listening to but it also wants to continue to trust the other person. So now there is a conflict.

What I ask you to do comes straight out of the Life Coaching playbook. Listen fully and feel into what I am saying.  Check into your inner knowing about what coaching is and what it could be UNDERNEATH (or before) what you have learned from someone else.

Then… choose for yourself.

There is a great chance that it will be liberating because it will match what you wanted to do and who you wanted to be when you became a coach in the first place.

CoachVille REAL Coaching Model

006 Real Coaching Defined (1 of 3)
A Life of purpose is a high performance game.
What all performers and creators (aka almost everyone) want is to be seen and known by a Coach who appreciates what they are doing and can guide them in pursuit of playing better.
Real coaching happens through perceptive observations and life-changing conversations.

Detailed Article 006 Is Here (pdf)

008 Real Coaching Defined (2 of 3)
Life is meant to be played by relating, creating, and exploring.
People have a coach to create new results, learning and becoming.
The foundation of the relationship is shared purpose, presence and permission.
A great coach navigates the needs of the player between support and challenge and between judgment-free presence and expertise.

Detailed Article 008 Is Here (pdf)

009 Real Coaching Defined (3 of 3)
A great coach must learn to provide 4 essential areas of conversation:
Person-Focused Exploration to reveal values, purpose and super powers;
Way of Being Exploration to reveal choices and patterns;
Action-Focused teaching of skills and concepts; and
Ways of Doing teaching of methods, strategy and style.

Detailed Article 009 Is Here (pdf)


007 Observation – Conversation Examples
Three coaches in the Play 2 Win class share about their experiences observing their players.
Augusta observes her player stuck in fear of change.
Casey uses a role play to observe her player and create a breakthrough.
Rick goes to his players’ business to watch him lead his team and notices a blind spot.

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