Reaching out can create clients now and plant seeds for the future. Coach Dave gathered with CV Members to co-create their campaigns.

Dave Introduces the idea

  • How to Reach Out to people to cultivate your business now and for the future.
  • There is going to be a massive wave of opportunity for Life Coaches in the months ahead.
  • Fundamentals to your coaching that are needed for an intentional Reach Out campaign.
  • People have TIME and they are yearning for an uplifting conversation.
  • For today: let’s be together and co-create profound belonging; we are prepared for this time.
  • Quick introduction for BIG Freedom Membership program about to be announced.
    Now is a perfect time to focus on your ecosystem to prepare for the wave.

The emerging opportunity

Who is this asking you to become as a coach / coach approach leader?

Your Clarity = your purpose as a coach

  • What dreams do you guide people to pursue?
  • What do you guide people to play better?

Your Originating Question

What will be possible when…?

Reach Out Plan

Create a short list of questions

Practice by having someone ask YOU the questions!


The Reach Out campaign is just one of many business growing ideas we will explore in the BIG Freedom Membership – Transformational Business Program for Coaches



coming soon!