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Episode #12 – Life Coaching is an Equality Movement

I share my perspective that Life Coaching is a movement for Equality for ALL people.

And I share that CoachVille, as an organization, is playing for the dream of equality and freedom for ALL people.

To live this dream as a human family we must let go of 4 forms of supremacy and subjugation: race, gender, wealth and religious.

Letting go is hard! And almost every life coaching experience I have had required letting go of beliefs, belonging and becoming.



 Mon, 1/18 3:00PM • 14:39


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David Buck


00:00 Life Coaching is an Equality Movement

Life Coaching is an equality movement. The greater purpose of life coaching for the human family is to free all people. This is the champion of dreams podcast. Let’s play.



Hello to you coach David Buck here with you. This is the champion of dreams podcast, the podcast for coaches powered by, where we are the champions of your dreams to be a great coach. And together we champion the dreams of amazing players, players, making the world a better place all over the world. team play for transformation. This is episode number 12. For Monday, January the 18th 2021.


01:12 The Energy of the Attempted Insurrection

All right, so it’s been just about two weeks since my last podcast, it has been a really intense time. I am a US citizen of the United States of America, I was born here. And I have not slept much since the attempted insurrection of the United States government. And in addition, I have a super empath, as many life coaches are, so I am feeling the energy and the pain and the fear of my fellow citizens on all sides of the conversation and the experience of what has happened here.


01:53 A Catalyst to Share My Vision for CoachVille

And so this experience is a catalyst for something that I have been contemplating for quite a while. And that is to make a statement about my vision for CoachVille. And what I feel is the vision for the field of life coaching. So let me be very clear, as I share with you this vision, I am speaking for myself, I am speaking for CoachVille, and I believe most of my colleagues throughout the field of professional life coaching. Which I always need to say includes personal growth, business, leadership, executive career, all these kinds of coaching are all part of the category called life coaching.


02:49 The Profound Growth Opportunity for the Human Family

All right, so I am entering my 25th year as a thriving professional life coach. Wow, it’s hard to believe, but here I am. And I aim to share with you ideas about coaching business, personal growth, and also occasionally social issues from a life coaching perspective. And in this case, this insurrection attempt reveals what I feel is probably the most profound growth opportunity within the human family right now. And that is the pursuit of equality for all people. Which means the intentional, letting go of supremacy and subjugation based on race, gender, wealth, religious preference or sexual orientation.


03:57 Life Coaching is a Movement for Equality, Freedom and Justice

Supremacy and subjugation are part of the human story. And this is when a group of humans come to believe that they have the right to control – even make subservient -another group based on a shared belief. Okay, so that is the essence of supremacy and subjugation. And, meanwhile, life coaching is a movement that is 25 years now in the making, and I believe it is a movement for equality, freedom and justice for all people.


04:45 Coaching is a Co-Created Relationship with no one in Control

Coaching – life coaching – is a co created relationship between two people in pursuit of a dream where neither is in charge or in control. Two people with the same dream, a shared dream in different roles playing together. And Thomas Leonard who is the founder of professional life coaching, he would often say that he felt that life coaching was the most profound form of human relating ever invented. Because it is a co created relationship, a co created experience, where no one is in control. And I believe that it is our shared purpose as life coaches to bring about equality for all, and the letting go of supremacy and subjugation within the human family.


05:56 Pursuit of a Dream requires Letting Go

So let’s talk about letting go. And I think this is where the coaching part comes in. So when we talk about this situation, I feel like this is the collective version of what every individual experiences when they go in pursuit of a new dream. This is a collective transformation that mirrors exactly the individual transformation that takes place in life coaching. The human journey with a life coach always comes down to the three B’s: become belong and believe. I’ve talked about this a little bit in previous podcast episodes. And I have been in many 1000s of hours of deep and profound life coaching experiences guiding players from all over the world, in pursuit of their dreams.


07:04 Letting Go and the 3 B’s of Life Coaching

And in almost every coaching experience, the pursuit of a dream requires letting go. Becoming the next version of you requires letting go of some aspect of who you’ve been. Finding new belonging that’s in alignment with your new dream often means letting go of where you have experienced belonging in the past. Pursuing a new dream almost always requires new beliefs, and letting go or upgrading some existing beliefs, some that have been held dear, Always. Always, this is part of the coaching experience. And letting go is hard, often very hard. That’s why coaching is so awesome, because as coaches, we help guide this experience of letting go in pursuit of a greater dream for an individual. And this is where the human family is right now. This is exactly where we are as a collective.


08:25 Four types of Supremacy and Subjugation

So let me be very specific about what I’m talking about. When I’m talking about letting go of supremacy and subjugation in particular, I am speaking of race supremacy, gender supremacy, wealth supremacy, and religious supremacy. Now, CoachVille is a US based company, and we have a global membership. We have members all over the world, over 70 countries. So I don’t want to make this a US centric conversation. And certainly it’s not, it’s a global conversation. But I live in the US. So this is the culture I am most familiar with. So I just want to put a clear point on what I’m speaking about, again, for myself, and for CoachVille, and I feel for the entire coaching field.


09:23 Letting go of White Supremacy

So with regards to race supremacy in the US, that means white supremacy, and the subjugation of black, indigenous and people of color. And it is time to let go of white supremacy within the human family.


09:43 Letting go of Male Supremacy

Gender supremacy in the US, this means male supremacy and the subjugation of women or gender gender neutral humans. And it is time to let go of male supremacy.


09:59 Letting go of Wealth Supremacy

Wealth supremacy in the US. This means the subjugation of people without wealth, often referred to as low income people by those who have great financial wealth. And it is time to let go of wealth, supremacy.


10:17 Letting go of Christian Supremacy

And finally, religious supremacy, which has different ways of manifesting all around the world. But in the US, that means Christian supremacy and the belief in the United States, that social policies and laws should be dictated by the Christian belief system. And it is time to let go of Christian supremacy. And one way this manifests itself in the US at least, is a bias against and subjugation of people based on their sexual orientation, their lifestyle, preferences, gender choices, all of these things are part of bias and supremacy, that it’s time to let go. It’s time to let go of these types of bias and subjugation, as well.


11:14 Life Coaches in the Pursuit of Equality and Freedom for ALL people

And I believe that as life coaches, we can do a lot to participate in the co-creation of equality for all and the letting go of supremacy and subjugation. That’s what I feel the life coaching movement is ultimately about.


11:38 Coach people!

As coaches. What can we do? Well, we coach as many individuals as we can create profound belonging, champion their dreams, so that they have a dream that they believe in, promote playfulness, so that they can become the next version of themselves. Because I believe that when a person experiences profound belonging, believes in their own dream, knows the value of who they are, they can much more easily let go of beliefs in supremacy and subjugation. And I believe that it is our purpose in the world to create a ripple effect of equality and freedom in everything we do.


12:36 All Life Coaches are Welcome at CoachVille!

So that’s what I wanted to share with you today. I appreciate you for listening. I just want to say one last thing, as far as CoachVille membership goes, if you have a belief in a doctrine that promotes or implies some form of supremacy and subjugation, am I saying that you should not be a member of CoachVille? No, I am not saying that at all. Actually, I’m saying the opposite. I would love for you to be a member of CoachVille. We are here to create profound belonging for the life coaching profession, within the human family for all life coaches. However, you just need to know that we do not support those particular beliefs. And because of what we are standing for Equality, some of the things we say may agitate you. And that’s your choice as to how to respond to that agitation within what we’re doing here at CoachVille.


13:43 Please share this podcast

Alright, so thank you again, feel free to share this with your players with anyone you know who would love to play big. Anyone you know, who cares deeply about social justice and equality, and especially anyone you know who would love to learn more about coaching. Have an awesome day. I will be back with you tomorrow. I have some more interesting ideas to share with you. You can find the transcript of this episode, as well as lots of other awesome things for coaches and players on our website, until the next time, remember, everyone needs a champion for their dreams. That’s why we are coaches.