Answer the Call to Coach


There are people all around you – people you care about – who are yearning to play a big game in life.

To pursue their purpose and passion with real energy. To do it, they need a great coach.

A Coach to cultivate their resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility.

A Coach to engage their creativity, collaboration and compassion.

They need YOU! You have the received the “call to coach”.

Answer the call to coach and your adventure begins.

When you take on the endeavor to assist another person in their pursuit to get good at doing something, you are a coach!  Whether you are a volunteer Little League coach helping children play Baseball better or a $1,000/hour Executive Coach helping managers play leadership better… coaching is coaching.

All coaching is “Life Coaching”. 

As Human Beings we LOVE DOING things.  We do things out of necessity, for enjoyment and everything in between.
We do things for others because we are inherently called to contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

“The desire to do things better is a central theme of every human life.”
– Coach Dave

Then the magic happens…

It really doesn’t matter what you choose to pursue, when you focus on getting good at something it opens up a deep exploration of who you really are and what makes you come alive!

You step into your creativity, your resourcefulness and your resilience.  You face disappointment and limitations. You build skills and you experience the thrill of doing something better than you have ever done it before.

It is AWESOME!  And when the thing you are doing adds value to the lives of others in some way then it is 10 times MORE awesome.

“The central quest of any individuals life is the search for those moments when they are most alive”.

– Christopher Alexander

A great mystery

What we are drawn to do and why we are drawn to it is rather mysterious.  Who knows why one person is drawn to play the violin, another to drive race cars, another to build a business?  Sometimes you can trace an environmental influence but most often these desires just seem to come from within us.  But we do know that once we are drawn to something, the desire to get good at it kicks in pretty quickly.  And once it does, we instinctively start looking for a coach!

The craft of coaching

Similarly, once you agree to coach someone to do something better, YOUR desire to get good at coaching usually kicks in pretty quickly as well.  You soon find out that being able to do something yourself and being able to help another person do that something better are only slightly related.

You then realize that helping other people get good at doing something is a craft in and of itself! (and it’s actually a lot harder than it looks!)

This is the craft of coaching!

The shift from control to influence… and the power of amplification

Coaching another person is an act of courage and generosity because we really do care about our own success.  You have to make the BIG SHIFT from control to influence!  As a coach, you find out that you can’t control what your players do, BUT, you can influence them in a positive way.  This is a risk because your “success” is now in the hands of other people.  At the same time there is a powerful potential reward because now your ability and ideas can be multiplied and amplified out into the world through all of the people that you coach.

And it must be said that seeing your players do well, is a joy that is hard to describe and well worth the risk.

What does it take to be a great coach?

That my friend, is the question at the heart of everything we do!

Here a few clues…

1) Master the Methods, Skills and Language of the craft of coaching

2) Unleash your LOVE for the “games” you are coaching
(we put every human endeavor where the results matter in the category called: “game”)

3) Invest in your own Passions and Purpose; Your own Pursuit of Human Greatness
To be a great coach for others, you must also be an avid player in your own games of life.
(The game you are playing doesn’t necessarily have to be the same game you are coaching)

Answer the call to coach and explore 5 reasons to join us here at CoachVille!

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