The Pursuit of Coaching Mastery


Coaching is the art of helping another person get good, really good or even great at doing something that they care about;
To guide the other person toward playing well, getting positive results and winning on their own terms.
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It is wonderfully challenging and fun.

Coaching is an emerging art form, a craft with endless possibilities to explore.

Like any worthy endeavor, our pursuit of mastery will never be complete because our collective potential for human expression knows no bounds.

There are ancient principles to delve into

There are new and emerging situations to explore.

As our understanding of the human brain and body continues to grow, so must our coaching methods.

Each area of endeavor – from business to basketball – has it’s own nuances, skills and language patterns to explore and master as well so it really is an open field for adventure and discovery.

And yet, it is a craft that you can become quite accomplished in with study, practice and bold application.  And like any craft when you observe your creation – in this case the person you are coaching does something that for them is amazing – it is hugely rewarding. AND it almost always leaves you with a beautiful little urging inside of you… “I can get better”.

One of our BIG BIG games here at CV is to provide YOU with the tools, programs and environment that you need to join in the Pursuit of Coaching Mastery!

We would LOVE for you to join us.

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