The Pursuit of Human Greatness

Unleashing the very best of our humanity…

Coaching inspires the Pursuit of Human Greatness

We are making the world a better place by  challenging everyone to play Real  Life as a  Game worth playing;

And by inspiring  our  members to become  GREAT coaches!

The Pursuit of Human Greatness means  everyone  plays  life  better.
(which is a LOT more fun and more effective  than working harder!)

Sound like fun? Please join us! (5 BIG reasons to join CoachVille here)

The Pursuit of Human Greatness means that you  pursue your vision for excellence in your game  of  life in such a way that you inspire others to  play  their game better.

The Pursuit of Human Greatness is about  unleashing the very best of our humanity:
Self-expression, Creativity, Resilience, Service, Collaboration and Social justice.

You can engage in your pursuit through healthy competition, collaboration or some of both!
The Pursuit of Human Greatness is a magnet for both support AND challenge… And that is a key dynamic of what it means to be a great coach!

It doesn’t matter if your game is business or  basketball, playing better will inspire others in some way and create value.

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