Are you an entrepreneur?

Coach Dave Here with you.Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

In my 20 years as a professional Life Coach I have learned many things. Here are 2:

  1. To THRIVE as a Life Coach you need to become a great entrepreneur.
  2. To THRIVE as an Entrepreneur you need to hire a great Life Coach!

Put these two powerful ideas together and you get:
the Business Breakthrough Life Coaching Micro-Course.

Business is no longer a job where you can be successful by completing tasks in safe solitude.

To thrive you must…
A) PLAY your business as a game where you are creative, connected and resourceful
B) Express LOVE in everything you do because business is personal AND
C) Embrace the FEAR that you experience whenever you step out into the world in a BIG way!

Here are 2 more truths:

3. The human experience keeps evolving so your Life Coaching skills must evolve.
4. The game of business keeps evolving so your business skills must evolve.

You are invited to participate in a new FREE Micro-Course at CoachVille where we will explore the game of business through the lens of transformational Life Coaching.


You are invited to a FREE micro-course teleclass series with me:

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Bring your assessment!  { Business Game 15 Key Actions Assessment

Micro-Course Teleclass Dates:

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Friday May 12th 12 – 2 PM ET
Design your business as a GAME that stretches your comfort zone

Monday May 15th – Thursday May 18th 12 – 1:30 PM ET
Daily Live Business Breakthrough Life Coaching Demonstration
followed by Q&A

Friday May 19th 12 – 2 PM ET
Business Breakthrough Life Coaching… Play BIG!

Monday May 22nd 12 – 2 PM ET
Business Breakthrough Life Coaching Quick Start

You can learn more about the Business Breakthrough Life Coaching micro-course here!

When playing BIG is your only option… call me!

Coach Dave