TEAM CoachVille Episode 001

Great coaches together in pursuit of humanity playing better!

7 Reasons the Demand for Coaching is on the rise

The Super Power Zone
Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Professional Life Coaching is now a $1+ Billion / year field!
We have been building up our profession for 20 years and are now poised for rapid growth because humanity wants what REAL coaches do!

In this audio we will explore WHY this is happening…

  1. What REAL coaching is: A great coach guides you to play better in your game of life.
  2. A powerful new framework that explains what a coach does is called: The Super Power Zone
    The game of life is a quest to break free of your Comfort Zone in pursuit of your BIG DREAM.
    A great coach helps you unleash your Super Powers.
  3. Reason #1 (of the 7) The Upgrade in Human Purpose
    MORE people every day are making the profound life choice to pursue their purpose rather than going through the motions. Life coaching begins with shared purpose so it is compelling for anyone with the courage to play BIG in life.
  4. Look for reasons 2,3 and 4 in Episode 003.

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What coaches have shared so far…

Casey Czuj
This is Fantastic! Everyone would hire a coach if they heard this!

Bob Moore
I totally resonate with Massively Upgrading the Human Purpose.  To borrow the term from Peter Diamonds, I help business owners achieve their Massively Transformative Purpose.  Since declaring that I have attracted new clients who have a MTP and want help accelerating their progress.

Geetha Sellamuthu
Have big dreams and vision is the first step.Having a person by your side advocating for you to win your big game is important.Quite often we are surrounded by people who barely listen, let alone applaud you and encourage you on your way.


Part 2 is here.

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Coach Dave

Play will change your life.
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will change the world!

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