TEAM CoachVille Episode 003

Together we explore reasons 2, 3 and 4.
2) People want more juicy life experiences
3) New cultural framework: Life is Performance Art
4) New cultural framework: Life is a Sport

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Remember the Super Power Zone Framework from Part 1. You can read part 1 here.

7 Reasons the Demand for Coaching is on the rise


These new cultural frameworks are creating a MASSIVE opportunity for coaches

You can read the complete article in this PDF link!

The key point here is that the Industrial Age of Work and Consumerism squashed the joy out of life. Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach

Juicy Life Experiences

People all around the world are asking BIG questions and wanting more out of life than STUFF… A LOT MORE!
This includes nearly every person you know. For real, just ask them.

We all want  more success, more meaning, more contribution, more connection, more creativity, More accomplishment, influence, participation, possibility and self-expression;
More acknowledgement, awakening, happiness, enjoyment, friendship, FUN, peace and LOVE

I call these the juicy experience of life.
Here is the BIG secret… to get more juicy experiences of life, you need to let go of Industrial Mindset and become the Player of Life that you were born to be. This “becoming” is the type of transformation coaches are here to guide!

Life is a Performance Art

A performing artist believes that what they are expressing has value. I call this the game of winning hearts.

All social media platforms… with billions of users worldwide – are gamified Performance Art platforms.

This is all you really need to realize what a massive cultural phenomenon this is.

Almost all performing artists have a coach.

Life is a Sport

Over the past 10-15 years the place of sports in our culture has gone from a past time played by young people and enjoyed by a few spectators to a global obsession.

THINK about the Olympic Games. Over half of the Humans on Earth pay attention to them.

Think about the MASSIVE social media followings of athletes.
Think about the 56 Million people in the world playing “fantasy sports”
Think about $56 BILLION dollars people paid to attend sporting events.
Thank about 71 Million people WATCHED other people play sport video games for money (for real).

Cultural icon Mark Cuban who owns a pro basketball team and appears on the hit TV show “Shark Tank” says “Business is a sport” and every opportunity.

The BIG news for us coaches…

EVERYONE who loves sports KNOWS that every pro athlete has a coach!

It is part of the social fabric of athletics.

If they want to play big, they need a Professional Coach… Like YOU!

Part 3 of 3 is here.

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