TEAM CoachVille Episode 004

Together we explore reasons 5, 6 and 7.

5) The Emerging the Spirit of Play
6) People HATE to be managed, but LOVE to be coached
7) Isolation is the DREAM killer – Coaching is the DREAM fulfiller!

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Remember the Super Power Zone Framework from Part 1. You can read part 1 here.

7 Reasons the Demand for Coaching is on the rise


The Industrial Age of Work and Management squashed the joy out of life.

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Here are some highlights from the full article…

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified Coach5) The Emerging Spirit of Play

To become a great coach, you MUST become a strong advocate for the spirit of play!

REMEMBER: You can ONLY coach someone who is playing. If the other person is not playing, you cannot coach them to PLAY BETTER.

The big news is that play is emerging.
Quick examples:
A) Every social media platform is a game where we play for “likes”.
B) Recent statistics show that 1.2 BILLION humans are playing games either on their computer or phone.

Why PLAY is so important to the transformation of humanity

  • To play means to express your creativity, YOUnique Super Powers and ideas.
  • Play is about experimenting and exploring with a sense of wonder.
  • Play is about developing resourcefulness and resilience.
  • At play YOU matter; you impact how the game plays out. Whereas in the Industrial Age we were all faceless workers and consumers.
  • Play is about stepping beyond your comfort zone and taking risks that transform who you are and expand your possibilities.
  • Play is about achieving success, embracing failure, bouncing back and learning from everything.
  • Play is a quest to get better at something in pursuit of a purpose that you care about; and enjoy the adventure.

6) People HATE to be managed, but they LOVE to be coached.

The human evolution from the Industrial Age of Work to the Connected Age of Purpose and Play IS happening. BUT we all grew up in the Industrial Age so we have a lot of Management Science concepts deeply embedded in our minds; It is part of our Social Survival Imperative. UGH!

To become a Player and Coach in life is going to require a framework upgrade which is going to take some time; so…we are going to start right now. (You will thank me later)

Understand Management Science

Management Science = Command + Control + Compliance

When you manage you tell someone how to do something, show them the right way to do it and then make sure they do it right and finish on time. We all learned how to treat each other this way in school and at work.

Coach Approach = Belonging + Results + Awareness

Coaching is when you by establish belonging around a shared purpose, elicit their YOUnique Super Powers to create results AND expand awareness of ways that they can PLAY BETTER; meaning to get better results.

There are situations where Management Science is better and there are situations when the Coach Approach is better. You need to learn to see the difference so that you know when to manage and when to coach.

When to Manage – When to Coach.

You Manage someone doing work; in a situation when:
The outcome can be controlled AND/OR
There is only one right way to do it

You Coach someone at play; in a situation when:
The outcome cannot be controlled BUT it can be influenced using energy, strategy and skill.
And when there are MANY possible ways to do something based on the abilities of the person doing it.


Contrary to the prevailing myth of the Industrial Age: We are NOT in control most of the time.

BUT we do have the possibility for influence. This is when you need a coach to guide you in pursuit of playing better and expanding your influence.

7) Isolation is the DREAM killer – Coaching is the DREAM fulfiller.

“Isolation is the DREAM Killer” is a quote from luminary Barbara Sher. Love her.
“Coaching is the DREAM fulfiller” is a quote from… uh… ME!

A Coaching relationship always starts with a shared DREAM.

Management Science will block your desire to PLAY BIG

The first thing you need to understand is how the Industrial Age Management Science fostered Isolation (and the fear of mistakes). To see this all we have to do is look at some of the memes that we learned in school and work.

Examples include:

  • Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all
  • Do your own work. If you help your neighbor you are a cheater
  • Sit down. Be quiet. Complete your tasks and don’t cause any problems
  • Only focus on what you can control
  • Organize your day with a list of tasks, prioritize and then check them off

All of these thoughts served a good purpose: to keep you small and safe and socially acceptable for a routine job; this was the Industrial Age definition of success.

However, if you want to play BIG, express your Super Powers, pursue your greater purpose, live a high performance life and tap into your creativity, then these memes will grind the gears of your Ferrari! (Or your TESLA!)

To be a big player in life – either as a sport or performance art – you must step outside of your comfort zone of control and into the big wonderful but UNCERTAIN world of influence. You need to risk mistakes, messes and failure in order to become a person who makes a difference in the world.

The Demand for Great Life Coaches
Most people desire to Play BIG and pursue their BIG DREAM. But their minds are full of messages keeping them small. The antidote to these memes is a Great Life Coach.
You can become that Coach!

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