Play-First Mission Step 1

Choose ONE Result and Play For It… for 28 Days

Hey there!  Coach Dave here.

The Human RACE 28-Day Play First Challenge is ON!

Here is how you can get into the game.


The Game Of Life

The Coach Approach to the game of life has 3 elements: be yourself, build relationships and add value. (easier said than done for sure!)

In this 28 Day Challenge we will focus on how you add value to others by PLAYING for results.

The first step is making the offer to do something or share something and the first result is that the other person agrees to receive the value you want to add, this usually takes the form of a “YES”.  This could be: “Yes, I will read what you just sent me” or “Yes, let’s get together by phone or in-person”.

Then the adding value process goes a step further when you share something or do something with or for another person, it can be sharing an experience, a service, an idea, a “product”, and the other person acknowledges that they received it.

Play for Results

A result is when something happens in the world “as a result” of your actions.
The transformation here:
FROM: the Industrial Age of Work where we were taught that a result was getting something done and doing it right.
TO: the Connected Age of Purpose where we know that the result is when something happens in the world “as a result” of your actions.

In other words another person appreciates or enjoys or at least experiences something that you do with or for them.

  • The BIG Distinction: Creating a result is something that you cannot control, but you can influence in your own unique way with ideas, strategy, skill, energy, resourcefulness and luck.

Industrial Work: When you can control something so that the same thing happens every time you do it, that is the definition of work; there is no risk, no wonder, no real fun. Think factory/cubicle. Think ZERO Defects; great for making a car, TERRIBLE for making a life.

Connected Purpose and Play: When you cannot control something and the outcome is “in doubt”, that is when you know you are in a game.  There is risk involved because what you are playing for may not happen.  BUT this is what makes the game worth playing.

How to choose a “rock your world” result!

The key here is to play for a result:

1) That you really want to create; you have a strong desire for it; it is part of your big game right NOW

2) That you cannot control but you can influence;

3) That will be worthy of your experience and ability; a healthy challenge for you.

Something that will require you to:
4) Step up your game in terms of strategy and skill,
5) Upgrade your environment in terms of creating and acquiring resources,
6)Amp up” your energy in terms of hustle and resourcefulness and
7) Spark your aliveness in terms of curiosity and wonder.
8) Play on the edge of your comfort zone in terms of taking some actions where you know what you are doing and some where you experience just a little bit of fear.

In other words, make it a game worthy of your Human Spirit; that will catalyze personal transformation!

Want to join in the Play First Challenge?

Of course you do!  Where else can you get powerful support to play for what really matters to you? (instead of working hard!)

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The Next Step

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