Mission Play First Step 3.
Play at the edge of your comfort zone

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Here is the next installment on how to PLAY First; our Human RACE 28 Day Challenge for March.

Step 1: Identify Your Rock Your World Result is here
Step 2: The game of ask

Your current level of Inner FreedomPlayOnTheEdge-png

Your action – result sequence (in the circle) takes place within your current level of Inner Freedom; near the edge of your comfort zone.  The edge of your comfort zone is where you experience a little bit of fear when you take the action.  When you take actions in a game, where you may NOT get the results you are after, there are many different fears that can pop up: fear of making mistakes, fear of failing, in the game of ASK there is the fear of rejection.

You were trained to fear failure

It is important to remember that you grew up in the Industrial Age where we were constantly reminded that “Failure is not an option”; this made failure a taboo rather than what it is meant to be: a natural part of learning while playing any worthwhile game.  The big idea of the Industrial Age was for everyone to get a job where they were in complete control of their activities so that they have a productive day every day without facing any fears.  So, when you jump into a game where you Play First, on the edge of your comfort zone, it will feel really strange.

At the edge is where you feel most alive

The big KEY here is to recognize that the edge of your comfort zone is where you feel most alive!   Feeling fully alive is an uncomfortable feeling if you haven’t experienced it in a long time. You don’t want to fail so this fuels your desire to learn how to play better and win more often.  This is also why having a coach is such a great idea!  A great Coach will help you design your game plan with a healthy blend of actions that give you the right amount of “out of comfort zone” challenges AND help you learn fast from the mistakes and messes.

Avoid Freaking Out!

A great game includes some actions that are inside your comfort zone – where you feel very confident in your ability to get the results you are playing for AND you feel capable of understanding and learning from the failure when you don’t.  It will also include some actions that are on the edge of your comfort zone where you don’t know what you are going to feel.  It is usually best to avoid actions that are WAY outside of your comfort zone; also known as the “Freak Out” zone.  Here again, a great Coach will help you explore the fear you experience in your game so that you can keep playing and learning without too much freaking out!

Keep playing at your edge a little bit every day and you will expand your Inner Freedom over time.

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