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Coach Dave here with you.

In times of physical isolation it is more important than ever to find ways to create social connection and profound belonging!

Physical distance = Yes. Social Connection = YES!

So we are planning to host virtual gatherings for our TEAM CoachVille members so that you feel uplifted and connected and you can ripple out this energy to your tribes… And feel free to invite your family and friends to our gatherings as well.

Our plan is to host a virtual gatherings over the next few months on a wide range of uplifting topics; coaching, personal growth and business.  While the days ahead will be challenging in many ways, limitation can be the catalyst for world-changing creativity. Our intent is to provide this environment of co-creation with your and for you.

One-stop registration

All of the calls will be on the same Maestro Bridge Line. So you can get your dial in credential one time and use if for all of the gatherings!

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Coach Dave Buck

This is a time for deep connection and wild creativity! Humanity needs all of us in the coaching space to lead from a place of love, wisdom and enthusiasm for the future.

Let’s Play!

Schedule of Gatherings

Note: Links to audio of past gatherings are under the schedule.

Uplift your situation with the Spirit of Play

Wednesday March 25th 12 – 1 PM ET

The Spirit of Play is essential to our lives all the time AND especially during times of challenge. Join in a lively conversation where will co-create ways to bring the spirit of play to any challenge you are facing today. It will be provocative, creative and fun. Feel free to invite anyone who you think will benefit from this conversation.

Your Coaching Business Ecosystem

Thursday March 26 12 – 2 PM ET

An introduction to BIG Freedom Membership. Explore the 6 core elements of a thriving coaching business ecosystem. Through conversation plant new seeds or cultivate clarity for each one.


Celebration! 2020-1st Quarter Complete

Friday March 27th 12 – 1:30 PM ET

Join your coaching colleagues to celebrate:

  • big wins,
  • big challenges,
  • growth claimed,
  • new players signed
  • player success stories
  • growth opportunities on the horizon

Celebration with belonging is the key to maintain your strong connection to the Supermind AKA Universe.


Your Business is Play

Monday March 30 5 – 7 PM ET

An introduction to BIG Freedom Membership. Explore the 4 essential qualities of playfulness and the common Industrial Age fears that block us from playing. Through conversation craft your preliminary play plan!


The Energy Alignment Game

Thursday April 2 12 – 2 PM ET

An introduction to BIG Freedom Membership. Explore the 6 essential elements of energy that when aligned allow you and your business to flow with ease. Through conversation craft your preliminary play plan!


Archive of recent gatherings 

How to create belonging in a time of isolation

Friday March 13th 2 – 3 PM ET

Audio and transcript here


How to conduct a Reach Out campaign

Monday March 16th 12 – 1:30 PM ET
Monday March 16th 7 – 8:30 PM ET
Topic: How to use an intentional reach-out campaign to build belonging, spread joy AND grow your business ecosystem for now and the future.

Audio and transcript here


Friday March 20th 12 – 1:30 PM ET

Theme: TEAM CoachVille Town Hall Conversation

How to lead and grow during the pandemic shutdown.

This can be an amazing win-win time for people with playfulness, positivity and  purpose.

AKA us coaches!

Audio and transcript here.


    Let’s Play!