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Jump into coaching with a certification program!Jump In to coaching with a certification program

When you jump into a coaching certification program with us, that is really something special!  You are making a statement about yourself when you jump in and that statement relates to these four things:

Commitment – Community – Mastery – Money


Jumping into something like coach training is all about the power of commitment.  Once you jump, you are committed; you are ALL IN!

When you go all in for Certification you are saying to yourself and everyone else that you want to be great and you are willing to play for the highest possible standard.

Earning your Coaching Certification at CoachVille – and any ICF Accredited program – is a real challenge.  Whether you intend to become a Professional Coach OR a Coach Approach Leader of the highest standard, going for being among the best in the world is a GREAT idea.


In our program you can’t just “sit in the back” of the class and pass a few tests by using your intellect!  NOPE, that is not how you become a great coach.

You attend class and participate in practice coaching sessions.

You participate in the social game system and share what you are learning by coaching your real players.

You participate in coaching practicum with and in front of your peers.

There is a powerful cumulative effect of these experiences – you become deeply connected to your classmates!

We have seen colleagues from classes become great friends, practice partners and advocates and travel around the world to meet each other.

I have had the joy of participating in many of these meetups myself as students from around the world meet in NYC and invite me to join them – I LOVE THAT!

Mastery: A rigorous environment of participation and feedback

All of the classes in our Coach Training program are great. AND some awesome synergies happen when you do ALL of them!

It becomes an environment of excellence.

Some examples…

Basic Skills + Proficiencies + Play 2 Win Method

The Basic Skills and Proficiencies courses are “skill-based” programs where you learn and practice each of the Coaching Super Themes and Super Powers.  This is the “HOW” of coaching.  The Play 2 Win is a method-based course so you learn WHAT do to and in what order.

When you combine the Super Powers with the Play Two Win Method you know what to do AND how to do it which gives you great confidence.

Coach Training + Practicum

In every class you will practice with a partner in class AND practice with your real players outside of class.  Naturally you practice because you want to be a great coach.  However, something special happens when you register for your practicum!  When you know that you are going to spontaneously coach someone while your peers and a certified coach are observing you… you REALLY get an edge to your coaching practice.  You want to be ready AND you want to be refined in how you demonstrate every skill in the evaluation.  It is “nerve-wracking” for sure… BUT… it is such a powerful motivator for which there is no substitute.

The feedback that you get from your certifier AND your peers in the practicum session is super valuable in your path to mastery.  It will fuel your desire for more practice; to do better in the next one in a quest for the elusive PCC level score!

Coach Training + Mentor Group

In the Mentor Group share about what you are experiencing in your real life coaching conversations with your peers and your Certified Coach Mentor.  Your real life coaching experiences are the primary subject of the conversation and you will get powerful outside perspectives that you can apply right away to become a better coach.

World Power + Inner Freedom

These two life-changing methods go together like hand-in-glove.  The World Power Method shows you have to transform the world around you into a personal success academy while the Inner Freedom Method shows you how to transform your fears with the spirit of play and body awareness.  With the World Power Method you learn to see how the world around you is a reflection of your Inner Life.  With the Inner Freedom Method you learn to play with the fears that you will face when you go out into the outside world.

Many of our students to each course several times to master how they can be used together to create sustainable transformation.  This accentuates a BIG benefit of the Complete Certification Program which is lifetime access to the live classes.

BIG Benefits…

There are many benefits for every class in our curriculum.  There are many benefits to our learning methodology.
AND there are additional benefits to making a commitment to yourself to complete the whole program.

When you challenge yourself to apply what you are learning in the real world over an extended period of time you expand your ability to be spontaneous and courageous.

You will interact with colleagues from around the world in a deep way over a long period of time which will greatly expand your professional connections AND your awareness of the human experience.

The Money!

One final benefit of jumping into either the Starter Certification program or the Complete Certification program is that you will save a LOT of money when compared to registering for each program a la carte.  You can think of this as a reward for your commitment!

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