Coach Approach Life

A Life of Contribution

The Coach Approach life is a life of connection, creation and contribution.CA-Life-v1-png

You have worked hard and accomplished a lot.  Now it is time to transform your experience, knowledge and wisdom into a major contribution to the lives of others.

The Coach Approach is your gateway to greater purpose and deeper meaning but also continued growth in new and surprising ways!

The Coach Approach life is guided by this fundamental truth: every person you coach is a mirror to your soul.
Another way we say it: Coaching others is the most rigorous personal growth program ever invented!

If you are courageous enough to desire to know yourself in a profound way then you will love the Coach Approach Life!

To be a coach is to guide others to play the games of life better and win on their own terms.  The games of life include anything and everything that is worth doing: business, career, basketball, leadership etc.

Coaching is NOT an intervention for people with problems!
Coaching is for people with the desire to be good, very good or even GREAT at something they care very much about.

So how do you go about sharing the wisdom of your life in a way that makes a difference for others?
You will probably be amazed by how quickly your approach to helping others will default to the Industrial Age ways of Management Science!
With the best of intentions you will tell them what they need to do, show them how to do it and then make sure they do it right.
The old 3 C’s: Command, Control, Compliance.

The trouble is…

And you will experience a great deal of frustration as your wisdom”falls on deaf ears”.


This is where the Coach Approach comes in!!!
And the new and improved 3 C’s for the Connected Age of Purpose:
Connect, Co-Create, Contribute

It starts with a deep connection around purpose… The BIG WHY; as in WHY do you want to get good at this game?
Here you will tap into their skills and hidden strengths – we call them Super Powers; but also reveal their doubts, fears and limitations.  You will be a guiding light into all of it with nothing ignored or stepped over.

You will co-create game plans and possibilities with your players.  You will support and challenge them to become resourceful and resilient.

You will champion their contribution to life and their community as together you pursue the triple play: Results, Mastery and Joy!

Mastering the Coach Approach will give you the methods, skills and language that you need to be a force for good in the lives of people who are important to you.
And it is REALLY Rewarding and Fun!

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CoachVille Students share their Coach Approach Stories…

Important: these are not “testimonials”; 
In our programs, Coach Approach students share every day about how Coaching is fueling their deeper purpose!


One of my colleagues was experiencing resistance towards an area in the job and I was able to help her shift her focus from feelings of self-doubt to feelings of needing to learn more.

She struggles with self-confidence and her learning this skill will definitely help her in other areas of her life.

Erica Becker,  San Diego CA; Corporate Coach





My wife ran into the father of one of my players, a young man in his mid-twenties. He told her I’ve visibly helped his son, who is now taking action toward the life he wants.

Jose Diaz de Villegas, San Juan Puerto Rico; Magazine Editor



JannickeBernsCicle-pngUsing the Inner Freedom Method in the Coach Approach I experience…

…absence of fear and courage to act in the moment.

….being in the flow and knowing what to do or not.

…awareness and integration of feelings thoughts and emotion (body wisdom)

….feel that my energy flows freely.

Jannicke Berns, Stockholm Sweden; Professional Coach


Playing outside the zone means that you get to play with the fear that holds people back from discovering their greatness. You are fearless and nothing can stop you from producing the desired results in your life. Most of all, you learn to depend on your body wisdom for guidance and direction. You are in a state of mind were you are unstoppable because fear has no power over you.

Clint Bolden, San Francisco, CA; Retired School Administrator




LuisSotoCircle-pngToday’s Coaching Session using the Inner Freedom Method was great! Instantly we went to his game and what prevents him from playing big?  I could feel the flow and dance of the session as if the conversation was guiding itself.

Wow! I had a powerful session with my player today! He created more awareness around his fear and felt more engaged and alive. I love playing with fear!

Bring it on!
Luis Soto Jr.; Brooklyn, NY Fitness Trainer and Transformational Life Coach