There are MANY great reasons to become a coach. Here are 10 that keep me loving what I do every day!

1) The Pursuit of Human greatness

raise the bar for your players AND they will raise it for youcoach on mountain symbolizes the lifestyle freedom of professional coaching

2) Fulfill your purpose to be of service to others

adding value for the joy of it is the ultimate game of life

3) Experience the Joy of helping others thrive

as you expand their possibilities yours expand times 10

4) The ability to design a business for your lifestyle

attain personal freedom by coaching when you want to, where you want and WHO you want

5) The optimal way to transform your life experiences into value for others

everything you have done and will do becomes full of meaning and possibility

6) Justify your craving for lifelong learning

you have to stay 2 steps of your players

7) Build true wealth in all areas

talent, experience, knowledge, character, community, cash flow, energy, spirit and LOVE.

>> #8) Rigorous personal growth for you <<

EVERY player you Coach is a mirror for you

9) Expand your cultural awareness

as you coach people from around the world

10) Change the world one player at a time

ultimately this is why we do what we do


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Play BIG!

Coach Dave