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Yesterday Dave and I were in deep website play when he reminded me that he will be shaking things up a bit at WEBC today. His exact quote, “I am going to go crazy and share some wild stuff!”

Join Coach Dave as he gives his free 20 minute “idea blast” at the World Executive and Business Coach Summit! Click here to register!

The World Executive and Business Coach Summit is happening NOW!!

Coach Dave speaks today at 1pm eastern by webinar, click here for FREE registration to a series of talks by the best of the best:

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After you’ve registered you are able to sign up for any of the content only free calls over the next free weeks! Coach Dave is speaking TODAY at 1pm!

More about WEBC

 Organizer Ben Croft does a great job in “curating” this event; a great blend of old masters and new voices. Everyone on the agenda is worth listening to.

There are two phases to the event.  The first part lasts about 3 weeks, is free and consists of 20-minute idea-blast presentations by each of the speakers.

Then the second phase is more detailed webinars from each of the speakers and is priced at a very reasonable $297.

The entire event is declared as a “no-pitch” event so you won’t have to hide your credit cards.

A small selection of thought leaders presenting at the summit will include:

  • Sir John Whitmore–pre-eminent thinker in leadership and organizational change
  • Verne Harnish–named one of the “Top 10 Minds in Small Business” by Fortune magazine
  • Dr. (VG) Vijay Govindarajan–world’s leading expert on strategy and innovation
  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith–#1 leadership and #7 business thinker in the world…2011 Thinkers 50 ceremony.
  • Coach Dave Buck – Real Life Gamification Guru
    (Yeah Team!)

To see the complete event schedule and observe the free sessions click here.