In the call we explore the value of challenge in our lives.

We look at the distinction between “self-directed” challenge where you choose the challenge you want to face and “universe-selected” challenge where “the universe” seems to choose a challenge for you.

We also explore the somewhat mystical relationship between these two types of challenges.

When you choose to play big, the Universe wants to play with you!

Many deep thoughts and experiences were shared by the extraordinary individuals on the call.

Audio Links

This audio was recorded on August 3, 2012 from the Midpoint call of our 16-Day Olympic Challenge on LifeVille.

This audio is 50 minutes edited out of a 100 minute call.

It has been split into two 25 minute segments for easier listening.

http://www.cvaudio.net/cvaudio/ProvocativeConversations/OC-ExploringChallenge.mp3 (50 minutes)

http://www.cvaudio.net/cvaudio/ProvocativeConversations/OC-ExploringChallenge-Part1.mp3 (25 minutes)

http://www.cvaudio.net/cvaudio/ProvocativeConversations/OC-ExploringChallenge-Part2.mp3 (25 minutes)

Additional Ideas from the Conversation

How challenges call you forward when “something has to change”

How self-directed challenges ATTRACT universe-selected challenges to spark a path of growth

When YOU decide to play BIG, the Universe wants to play with you!

Frustration! – It means that you care.

Challenges can open doors for you if you ALLOW them to be fun.

Challenges make the game worth playing.

Coach Dave Thoughts

Here is why this audio is so important…

It is SOOO easy in the face of great challenges to think that maybe you are on the wrong track; Or to get lost in the bad feelings of frustration.  As coaches we MUST seek to find the perfection in the challenge with better questions!

How can this challenge serve you in your pursuit of human greatness?

Who is this challenge asking YOU to become?

After this challenge is surmounted, what contribution will you be able to make to others?

This is critical because when we coach our players, we expect them to rise up in the face of challenges! So we must do the same in order to live in integrity as a coach.

Perhaps the biggest idea is: when you are facing BIG challenges, you need EQUALLY BIG support!

No one is suggesting that you face your challenges alone! In fact the presence of challenge in your life is probably your BIG CLUE to LOOK for support and OPEN UP to support from new and unexpected people and places.

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