Are YOU Ready to Have REAL Conversations with the People In Your Tribe?

Show: Friday 3/29 1PM ET

Topic: The Exclusion Dilemma!

Why choosing a tribe for your business focus is so deeply challenging at a Human FEAR level.

Watch Hosts: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly Rider
Coach and Converse with Participants: Francois Paradis, Sean White and Sharon Swing

Dave Buck Coaching Bells

Coach Dave Buck Ringing the Coaching Bells!

Having REAL, deep, challenging conversations with the people in your tribe and on your business team can be terrifying!

In our 3rd Episode of Crazy Coaching Friday, Sharon Swing steps up for some AWESOME REAL coaching on how to have the tough financial conversation with her amazing business team.

You can check out her transformation at 1:05:30 into the Crazy Coaching Friday Hangout.

WHY Watch?

Because this week’s topic was “The Exclusion Dilemma” and this is a challenge that every business owner faces.

When you describe your tribe and define your tribe then you learn who’s in and who’s out. It’s the “Who’s out” aspect that can raise all sorts of challenges and fears in our thoughts and bodies because excluding people is really scary!

Excluding people is all well and good until someone you’ve excluded offers you a LOT of MONEY $$$$ for a project that doesn’t fit well into your tribe.

Then the question becomes, do I take the project because I need the Money$$$ and I can put it towards the tribe I really want to build? Or, do I say no and stay focused on my tribe?

In our heads, we as business owners often get of the mindset…”Any business is good business…”

At 1:05:30 you watch Sharon bring up this very point and the transformation that happens as she is coached by Coach Dave Buck.

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  • How do you feel about describing your tribe?
  • Do you have an “I want to coach you” card?