What is Ultimate Freedom?

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“When you’re in the space of ultimate freedom you are able to impact others in that pursuit of humanity flourishing.” – Deanna Stull


Marilyn Davidson

Marilyn Davidson

Marilyn: Freedom is my number one value. I always seek freedom. So, I find it’s really a great question because everyone has a different answer and a different view of what freedom is so I’m just polling everyone.

I remember I quit a job in the 70’s.

Dave: You quit a job back in the 70’s? Wow.


Len Rothman

Len Rothman


Len: That’s when they had jobs.

Dave: Back when they HAD JOBS…back in the 70’s.

Marilyn: Yeah! Back when they had JOBS. I remember taking off one day on a Friday and went to a horse show. When I came back my boss said, “If I didn’t need you so bad, I’d fire you.” I said, “Well, you’re not going to need me in the future because I’m gone.”

Yeah, I’ve done that with every job/business I’ve been in. When they get to the point that I don’t have freedom anymore, I quit.

Then I left this job in the oil business and I remember that it started running better after I left and there was some magic in that and I began to see that, ‘Wow. Just show up for what you WANT to show up for.’ So that’s what I’ve been doing.

My next exploration is going to be ultimate freedom.  That exploration is: What is ultimate freedom for you?

Dave: That is really provocative Marilyn. Thank you. Well done. We are going to circle around back to that one.

Deanna: Yeah. Because, I want to know what everyone’s answers to that?

Dave: Nice! Way to forward the conversation, Coach Deanna! Alright. Let’s take a stab at it. Deanna, you go first.

Deanna: Okay. Ultimate freedom to me when I lay my head down at the end of the day, I’ve given all of who I am and I feel really happy about it.

Dave: Okay. That’s cool.

Marilyn: That is cool.

Deanna: Oh, that came out really easy. That was good.

Dave: That was good. Dawn, how about you? What is ultimate freedom to you?

Dawn Andrews

Dawn Andrews


Dawn: Ultimate freedom to me would be being authentic. Just being in authenticity in whatever I’m doing and whomever I’m with, or the conversations that I’m having. Just being my true, real self consistently and then everything else is a byproduct of that.

Dave:  Len how about you?

Len: Well mine’s similar to Dawn’s but it’s only four words, its: Being me with you.  …There’s nothing else I can give you, except me.

Dave: And your copy of Emyth.

Len: don’t read the yellow highlighted stuff when it gets to you.

Dave: Yeah. I promise I won’t look.  Oh man, my copy is underlined and written in the sides.

Deanna: I feel really, really good about this now but before it was like this deep dark secret. Woo hoo.

Dave: What?

Len: The ultimate freedom

Molly: Deanna, I’ve never read it either. Yay!

Dave: Dawn do you have a copy of Emyth?

Dawn: I gave it to my local library. But now I kind of wish I could send it to you because it’s out. It’s out there where people can get it.

Dave: Yeah. They might get it out of the library. That’s unfortunate. So, Molly what is your Ultimate Freedom?

Molly: I agree. I think that there is huge ultimate freedom in just being you but I also want to pull in the CoachVille World Power class really brings it all together where having freedom in all 9 environments and grace and ease within all nine environments would truly be, for me, ultimate freedom.

Dave: …a little slice of this new engagement business model is designing winning environments in all the places on your team. That is part of the way you create an engaged enterprise instead of giving them a check list or a script.

I think my ultimate freedom is in the same ballpark.  It’s about self-expression and creativity. When I feel like I can be fully expressing my corky creative self, including my little fire drawings, that’s my ultimate freedom.

Ultimate freedom is also the ability to engage in provocative conversations, free flowing conversations. That is why I love this show. We can talk about whatever we want to talk about and that is really awesome.

I think also there’s ability to be creative in how you live your life. Live where you want to like and to create an enterprise based on your qualities and your values. We have so many things that we’re able to do in the USA and other countries in the free world. So, we’re able to do it but then the ultimate freedom to do it is really up to you. You’re capable. But are you really free to go and do it?

Ultimate freedom is a pretty high bar.

Deanna: I want to add to what we are all saying here because it is that personal freedom. But, also I think that when you are in that space of personal freedom that you are most effective in opening the door for other people to see possibility.  So, when you’re in the space of ultimate freedom you are able to impact others in that pursuit of humanity flourishing.

Dave: Marilyn thank you for sparking that provocative conversation

What is Ultimate Freedom to YOU?



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