Listen as the Inner Freedom Coaching Gets Nicky Back In the Game

In a recent Coaching Marathon Nicky stepped up to be the player.CV Member Nicky Anastasia

She left a high profile consulting job a year ago to start her own business.  She was so excited to get started down the path of Personal Freedom!  She had so much energy and experience that she wanted to contribute to her clients.  She invested in herself and completed several high quality training programs. She was ready.

But after attending her first networking event something happened.  She never went back.

Now she feels stuck. She is not talking about her business with potential clients.  She keeps busy doing things on line, but things just aren’t going the way she planned.

Sound familiar?

You can listen in on this powerful coaching session to discover what happened to take Nicky out of the game!  And you will experience how Inner Freedom Coaching created the awareness and the freedom she needed to get back in it… BIG TIME.

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The important point is that in the Connected Age of Purpose we need Inner Freedom to play BIG.  Almost every game move will involve sharing and contributing to others and this will bump up against our Industrial Age training to stay in control and only do what you can do perfectly every time.  The best games of life don’t fit this framework so we all need to expand our capabilities to play outside of our comfort zone.

The Inner Freedom Method will get you there!

Coach Dave