What makes some people so unique that they become a beacon for the rest of us? How do they achieve breakthroughs and unique accomplishments that many others merely hope for? How do they inspire us to do things we would not otherwise be able to do on our own? In other words, what makes a great leader, and how do they inspire us and change the world?

We do the things that inspire us; and we do not do the things that do not inspire us. Simple as that!

Dr. Lance Secretan will take you on an invigorating, radical and inspiring journey in which he will describe why our contemporary leadership paradigm is broken- in politics, business, academia, healthcare, law, religion and elsewhere, and share an entirely fresh coaching approach that breaks away from the pack-a reset-that has been successfully proven by corporations, cities, states and provinces and countries.

He will demolish many sacred cows- mission, vision and values statements, leadership theory, brand management theory, motivation techniques, psychometric profiling, performance management systems and coaching-to name a few, and then describe how we can coach in ways, based on his own experience and alternatives to these ideas that he successfully implemented in some of the greatest organizations in the world.

To quote Dr. Lance Secretan, people hire coaches to, “Inspire them to grow from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Coaches too, aspire to grow in the same way—to make breakthroughs, to develop personally and to expand their business.Print

The Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification introduces revolutionary ideas that will literally change your perspective—and your life. It is designed for experienced coaches who want to raise their game to an entirely new level. It deals with the whole person—coach and coachee— at the deepest levels including professional, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical.

The Course consists of 7 two-hour teleclasses and participants are required to complete a practicum supervised by Dr. Lance Secretan and Deanna Stull, CXO of CoachVille. This course provides 12 CCEU’s in Coach Specific Training. Registrants also receive a free (paying for shipping only) copy of the Spirit@Work® Cards (value $100).

Following graduation, each participant will be able to join an alumni community of Certified Coaches, have access to all of the proprietary materials and website forums of The Secretan Center Inc., and receive discounts on products from the Secretan Store.

As a member of our growing community of coaches this Certification Course will enable you to deepen your understanding of both the philosophy and methodology of Higher Ground Leadership®, adding it to your existing formal coach training and certification. Our coaches are a community collaborating with and supporting each other, and their clients, using this life-changing work to inspire individuals and organizations to transform their lives and live their ONE Dream®. This is will be an inspiring SIGNATURE SERIES class that asks you to inspire yourself before you set out to inspire the world.

Next Offering of Higher Ground Leadership® Coach Certification will begin on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 at 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm eastern, and finishes on December 19th. The course consists of 7 classes, 14 hours of inspiring training and dialog. You are eligible for Certification after the successful completion of a Higher Ground Leadership Practicum. Class dates: Oct 31, 2019, Nov 7,14,21, 2019, Dec 5,12,19, 2019 02:00-04:00pm.

For more information on the next offering of Higher Ground Leadership Coach Certification® or to register, click here: http://www.secretan.com/higher-ground-leadership-coach-certification/

As a bonus for all who register for this class – Lance Secretan will offer you his inspiring boxed Spirit at Work cards and book

Spirit @ Work Cardset for use during class for just the cost of shipping.

These are normally sold for $100 on his site. For more information about the cards – click here.