Welcome to Champion of Dreams!

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The people of the world need us NOW… more than ever before.

Billions of dreams are badly bruised, totally squashed or worse… lost and forgotten.

It is up to us… The coaches of the world… to champion these dreams back to life… guiding our players to play BIG in the world.

Note 1: Even dreams that are alive and well still need a champion!!

Note 2: Even when someone appears to be “successful”; that does NOT mean that they are living their dream.

The truth is: EVERYONE needs a champion for their Dreams!!

In each episode I will share with you ideas, skills and inspiring stories from the world of coaching that will boost your ability and your courage to be the Champion of Dreams for your tribe. They need you!!

Currently available on SoundCloud… more options coming soon.

About Your Host… Coach Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

I was one of the first professional Life Coaches in the world… way back in 1997; I have coached over a thousand players.

I have been teaching  Life Coaching since 2000; I have taught several thousand people.

My life has been a coaching Master Class! 

Here are just a few highlights…

My mom was a piano and voice coach; her music studio was right below my bedroom so I listened to coaching every day after school for many, many years!

I was assistant soccer coach at Seton Hall University for 14 years… the Head Coach was Hall of Fame Coach Manny Schellscheidt. Coach Manny was a true Soccer / Life coach and I learned from him every day.

In 1997 I become friends with Thomas Leonard… the founder of professional Life Coaching. For five years we spoke every day… we co-created programs and lead events together for several years.

I teach 2-4 coach training classes every week at CoachVille; this immerses me in the lives of Life Coaches all over the world. There is a lot of awesome Dream Championing happening out there!

It all comes together for me to share coaching wisdom and inspiring stories with you!

Links to the Episodes!

(Most recent on top)

Episode 012 – Coaching is an Equality Movement

How Life Coaches can guide the pursuit of equality and the letting go of supremacy.

Episode 011 – Be the Champion of Dreams

2021-01-06 Why we focus on Dreams

Episode 010 – The Year of Exuberance 2022

2021-01-04 Three Ideas to prepare for what is coming

Episode 009 – Celebrate YOU!

2020-12-31 – 9th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 008 – Activate the Spirit of Play

2020-12-30 8th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 007 – Imagine Your Dream Team

2020-12-29 7th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 006 – Impact the World

2020-12-28 6th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 005 – Enjoy Challenges

2020-12-27 5th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 004 – Explore Your Fears

2020-12-26 4th of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 003 – Imagine playing at an Elite Level

2020-12-25 3rd of nine ways to energize your dream

Episode 002 – Imagine the Experience from the OTHER perspective

2020-12-24 2nd of nine ways to energize your dream.

Episode 001 – Imagine the Experiences of Your Dream


2020-12-23 First of nine ways to energize your dream.