Business is a game

Anything that you cannot control but you CAN influence is a game.
This is why soooo many people struggle with traditional business models… it is because they are based in the Industrial Age “Delusion of Control”. The most important “thing” that determines your success in business is your relationship with people: customers, advocates, partners and community members.  For sure people are something that you cannot control!
With practice you CAN become more influential through..

  • clarity of purpose,
  • expressing your Super Powers,
  • presence and a
  • strategy that plays to your strengths!

In other words… we are focused on the Coaching Super Theme: Profound Belonging!

A few key points from this audio…

Connected Age Recruiting

As a coach you are always recruiting good players. Because your purpose as a coach is to transform good players into GREAT players.  If you don’t have good players, you will never be a great coach!

WHO are you recruiting: people who share your purpose. You ONLY coach people who you REALLY want to win.
WHY are you coaching: your Purpose is the cornerstone of your visibility and recruiting efforts
HOW are you coaching: what is your method for transforming your players from good to great?
WHAT are your results: what are the results that your players will achieve with YOU as their coach?

Connected Age Commitment

The fulfillment of your recruiting experience is when you commit to coach a player and they commit to sign you as their coach.

Here are a few key points…

  1. Limitation is your asset: YOU can only be an ALL-IN for a few people. Rarity increases value
  2. Relationship: YOU are only going to coach people that you have gotten to know pretty well. You are SURE that you want them to win.
  3. Co-create an offer: YOU are able to talk about investment levels – aka money – with each player individually and co-create an offer WITH THEM.
  4. CHOOSE: It is essential that both the coach and the player are making a powerful choice to commit to the coaching relationship. This level of commitment is essential to create world changing results.


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