TEAM CoachVille Episode 007

In Episode 006 I shared with you REAL Coaching Part 1 of 3 and the central activity of coaching: Observation – Conversation.

Before we move onto the other elements of the REAL Coaching Model, I want to share with you a clip from a recent Play 2 Win class where a few coaches shared their experiences of Observation Conversation. They are both straight forward and profound.

Casey uses a role play to observe her player and create a breakthrough.

Rick goes to his players’ business to watch him lead his team and notices a blind spot.

Augusta observes her player stuck in fear of change.

GREAT IDEA: click the down arrow on the upper right of this audio. Download the audio to your audio player of choice and take me with you on a drive, run or walk.  I am great company!

Coach Dave Buck Master Certified CoachShare your insights and inspirations!

After you listen to the audio, jump onto your game card and share your thoughts with me! If you have a good example of how you have experienced observation – conversation, please share it with me.

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