Three Business Classes

Where you learn how to articulate WHO you coach and develop a reliable method to recruit great players to your business.

All start on Wednesday September 26th 2012 at either 2PM ET or 8PM ET

Step Up and Stand Out

Mentor Coaching Group

Expect Yes. Get YES!

Step Up And Stand Out

A powerful business program exclusively for Professional Coaches.

Hey Coach!On the Mountain top symbolizes standing out in business
Coach Dave Buck here with a potentially challenging AND business transforming question:

Who have you earned
the right to coach?

Probably no one has asked you this question directly. BUT, most people that you talk with about your coaching service WILL ask themselves this question about you.


You answer this question with every conversation
you have and everything you say or write
about your coaching business.

BIG Truth #1:

Unless YOU KNOW that you have earned the right to Coach, very few people will ever hire you.

Your energy is ALWAYS flowing.  When you are talking to someone they feel the energy you are exuding.  Are you exuding… “I have earned the right to coach you!”?

Learn how to explore your life experiences to discover WHO you should coach in this Playbook Introduction here!

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Mentor Group Coaching

Together we Coach Better

The curriculum for this program is YOU; Your development as a coach and your group looking together symbolizes mentor coaching groupsuccess as a business person.

Transform your mindset:

From: You walk the path of mastery alone

To: Together we coach better! By sharing and learning with others you learn 10 times faster.

In a small group of 10 coaches and one ICF Certified Mentor Coach (PCC or MCC)  you will deeply explore YOUR real world issues and realize that you are not alone!  Bring your real coaching and business challenges, questions and case studies and leave with expanded awareness of what is possible and what to do next.

Each session will be driven by your needs and those of the rest of the group.  We will expand your coaching skills and develop both competence and confidence in your role as a coach.

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Expect YES, Get YES

Design a comprehensive recruitment method

In this program you will design a complete recruiting method to sign paying players jubulent man symbolizes get yes from a new clientwith confidence.

Transform your mindset:

From: I am uncomfortable selling to clients

To: I LOVE recruiting players to my team

You will learn the CEO method to Connect, Engage and Offer your coaching services to potential players.  You will develop a complete recruiting methodology based on the incredible “7 Yeses” formula.  With your method  you can expect a “YES” from your potential player before you even ask them to hire you.  In fact, most of the time, you won’t have to ask because they will ask YOU to Coach them!

Key Concept – You are Recruiting

Learn how to design your exploratory session in this Playbook Introduction here!

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