Coach Approach Leader

The Ultimate Career Move

Learning the Coach Approach is the ultimate career move for leaders in the 21st Century!CA-Leader-v1-png

As a leader – anything from a small team to a large organization – you have been called upon to guide a group of people in an important initiative.

What fun!

You know that in the past leadership was very much influenced by 20th Century Management Science: Command, Control, Compliance.

You also know that there is a much better – much more fulfilling and effective – way to lead and the Coach Approach will get you there.

As a Coach Approach leader you start by ensuring that your initiative taps into the Bigger Game (aka Purpose) of every member of your team.

Then you tap into the 3 C’s of the Coach Approach:
Connect, Co-Create and Contribute.

Connect means that you build a personal relationship with every team member.  If you have a REALLY BIG organization or team then you will need a team of assistant CA-Leader-Circle265-pngcoaches!  By developing that personal connection you unleash the personality, super powers and purpose of each individual.

Co-Create means that you make sure that each team member has a personalized game plan that plays to there strengths.  You challenge each team member to step into greater possibilities for who they can become by participating in your initiative.

Contribute means that each team member is aware of the impact that they are making toward the initiative.  You champion their successes and you help them courageously rebound from failures.

The Coach Approach is a powerful and meaningful new framework for Human Achievement.
You can learn and master the methods, advanced skills and language needed to bring it to your life and career by participating with us here at CV.


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